Revolution Group, a certified Salesforce partner, is a business and technology consulting firm, with three primary divisions that focus on manufacturing and ERP, Salesforce and CRM, and technology and infrastructure consulting.

The common thread between the divisions at Revolution Group is their passion for solving customers' business problems. Learn how FinancialForce was the obvious choice to create success within their passion by connecting processes and communication across the organization.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: ConnectWise

Location: Columbus, Ohio, US

Industry: Professional Services; Consulting

Here's the key. We've grown 35% annually over the last five years. With PSA on the Salesforce platform, it's enabled us to better manage our explosive growth that we've experienced without any significant disruption to our customer service and while maintaining a very high customer sat rating.

Pat Welsh, Director ERP Practice

Business Issues

  • Prior system ConnectWise is not connected to Salesforce, preventing unified information to be visible across the entire organization
  • Lack of visibility made the handoff from sales to services challenging from a customer expectation and capacity planning perspective
  • Growth plans required a more flexible and scalable solution

With FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform, and its flexible reporting and dashboarding options, we are running analytics in ways that we were never able to do before and only dreamed of being able to do.

Polly Clavijo, COO

Benefits & Results

Unified system has transformed operations and project management

  • As a Salesforce partner and user, it made perfect sense to put project information on the same platform, allowing sales and services to work off same connected data leading to better decisions
  • FinancialForce brings scalability and security to support rapid growth without changing infrastructure or bringing disruption to customers
  • Flexibility of apps makes it simple to adjust to the unique business needs across three different divisions
  • Hiring decisions are now data-driven tying the resource forecast to the sales forecast. Resource needs now accurately forecasted 1, 3, 9, 12 months out
  • Connected processes and widespread use of Chatter has teams collaborating and communicating more freely across departments, with responsibilities more clear on how to better serve the customer
  • Implementation very turn-key thanks to clicks, not code configuration of the system
  • The continual and fast rate of releases and new features of the FinancialForce apps have made direct, positive impacts in company processes

Connect your Processes and Better Serve your Customer

  • Now sales, service delivery, marketing and finance are working off same customer record and can quickly address, identify customer needs at any time
  • With sales and services connected comes smarter staffing decisions to build customer relationship at project onset
  • PSA manages every process from the first bid through to project delivery – keeping the entire org in sync with the customer
  • Speed up customer time to value. Resource management is a snap when customer requirements and resource availability are all together in the same system
  • Teams more proactive with customers with real-time, actionable project data. PSA monitors projects at milestone and task levels providing unprecedented clarity on margins and where to adjust
  • Visibility to schedules, customer requirements and consultants' time ensures teams building smarter plans that don’t miss customer requirements