"We had big ambitions for growth and wanted to lay the foundations for this early. As a Salesforce implementation consultant, we know the benefits that cloud based applications can bring."

Dan Lockeretz, Operations Director, Purple Vision Ltd

Purple Vision is a leading independent charity and CRM consultancy. They are experts in databases and CRM, digital, data and analytics and provide independent technology advice, signposting and integration services.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: Global

Industry: Professional Services

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • No visibility into project detail such as time used, time remaining, profitability, and budget status, with multiple people working on a single project across multiple budget lines
  • Processes proved inefficient and difficult to produce a status report for a client to match invoice information
  • Multiple records held in different spreadsheets had to be consolidated manually at month end including timesheets and expenses which took multiple man hours and dozens of emails to chase
  • Answering client queries was time consuming because of lack of visibility into real-time data and project status
  • Regular project reviews were not possible due to the amount of time required to manually pull information to analyze and review
  • Difficult for resources to see how much time they have been assigned on a project
  • If a project ran into problems or too much time was spent on an assignment, resources would often continue without billing for the additional time
  • Lack of a centralized system left group unable to make quick corrections if projects fell off track

We were regularly struggling with monitoring time on projects, and tracking how effective and efficient we were being. Too much time was spent on billing each month preventing us from growing easily.

Dan Lockeretz, Operations Director, Purple Vision Ltd

Benefits & Results

  • Project reviews implemented because information is available in PSA allowing Purple Vision to track and review KPIs on projects such as profitability and utilization
  • Utilization has increased across business – Target is 80% client billable, 20% internal – and can be easily calculated; reduced from ½ day manual tracking to click of a button
  • Directors can now access project level information whenever they want instead of referring queries to Project Managers
  • No more surprises around billing and unnecessary time left on projects
  • Month end consolidation of information all done in PSA saving up to 4 business days per month
  • New ability to produce time sheets and enter expenses on mobile phones means they are submitted weekly rather than monthly after a lot of chasing; collections have sped up and cash flow has significantly improved
  • With new levels of visibility Project Managers are able to manage projects smarter and adjust tasks, assignments, budgets, etc. quickly as needed
  • Meetings more efficient and effective – Directors meeting used to take a day out of the office reviewing what due to bill and what billed. Now it is a simple report which Directors glance over and send out any key issues. This used to take three people half a day each to pull together and now takes half an hour
  • Teams now collaborate, update, pinpoint issues and share information about projects via Chatter
  • Assignments on tasks have brought clarity to the resource allocation process, allowing resources to clearly see the time on each project
  • Visibility of all projects means all client billable time can be seen and captured and profit margins are being met more easily
  • New reports available through PSA which couldn’t access before. Projected budget set up at Opportunity level showing how will spread out over term of project. This has helped improve forecasting and planning

We decided to implement FinancialForce PSA and haven’t looked back. It has saved us a lot of time, given us complete project visibility and is allowing us to think strategically about the future direction of the business.

Dan Lockeretz, Operations Director, Purple Vision Ltd