OAC Services is a world-class consulting firm specializing in cloud and on-premise CRM and ERP implementations. The company specializes in the Healthcare, High Technology, Clean Energy industries as well as General Businesses. OAC Services provides a variety of proven methodologies, quick start implementation packages, large knowledge capital, and continuing support for their customer implementations.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: Microsoft Excel; Microsoft Project

Location: Campbell, California, US

Industry: IT Services

In the late ‘90s, we started seeing fully integrated, on premise ERP solutions. Then, we moved to disparate cloud solutions which had data spread all over the place, and integration became a challenge again. The best solution is a cloud solution that’s fully integrated, and we’re seeing that today with FinancialForce ERP on the Salesforce platform.

Mark Anderson, CEO

Business Issues

  • Using too many disparate solutions that didn’t talk to each other (CRM, accounting, MS Project) yet all related to managing services projects for clients
  • Painful to get timely and accurate project data when information needs to be pulled from different systems
  • Billing cycles were slow because the information had to be entered and funneled through multiple places
  • Group realized they needed a system that could provide one view of all projects and all transactions
  • Avoiding an on-premise solution that would be difficult to support and maintain with costly overheads was key
  • Found early on that leveraging a single cloud solution for multiple apps would provide them with that one view transaction for all customer data

Benefits & Results

  • Using FinancialForce Accounting and FinancialForce PSA together with Salesforce CRM–all on the Salesforce platform
  • One cloud means common reporting, one user interface, one login, one customer record–that spans the front office to the back
  • Sales, finance and services teams now have a 360° view of all customer and project activity and transactions so anyone can answer a question regardless of domain
  • Employees collaborating more effectively; no more disconnect on project needs or financials
  • Red flags are made swifter to make adjustments on a project as needed–whether that’s resources, costs, billing, upcoming sales needs, etc.
  • Much more responsive and able to follow up on pertinent activities to close deals and keep projects on track
  • Team now has the ability to see full project backlog, project billing, any costs on the project, and the non-billable versus billable time
  • Project management is better and goals are achieved
  • Decisions are made faster and smarter
  • Better alerting up to project managers on state of the project resulting in improved communication and relations with customers
  • OAC operating more efficiently which in turn has allowed them to grow and maximize profits
  • Weekly process to collect timesheets, get them approved and generate invoices dropped from three days to just a day–a 66% improvement