FinancialForce Accounting: Mission Control Center for this Growing SaaS company

As one of the leading mileage reimbursement providers, Motus is known for superior data accuracy across their platform. They expect the same from the apps that run their business. With FinancialForce they now have a system that supports their aggressive growth, automates business processes, centralizes data, brings teams together and helps delight customers.

FinancialForce has become a mission control center for the entire organization.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Financial Management

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, US

Industry: Software/SaaS/Web Development

FinancialForce makes it easier for me to do my job as CFO. I don't think of it as just an accounting system, but rather as a business tool that enables me to manage my business on a daily basis.

Tim Brown, CFO

Business Issues

Quickbooks could not deliver

The team was plagued with a system that couldn’t scale and critical information was siloed across the company. Data inaccuracies were frequent and reporting was time-consuming and painful.

Benefits & Results

More than just an accounting system

With FinancialForce, Motus didn’t just get an accounting system—they got so much more. With Salesforce CRM for the front office, and FinancialForce for the back, everyone gets more complete information about the customer and financials to help them make faster, better decisions. The connected system brings new levels of collaboration between sales, accounting and services teams.

Go with the Platform

FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform means scalability and security is built-in and it delivers visibility into all aspects of the business.

“We wanted best of class architecture, we wanted best of breed security and controls. FinancialForce Accounting became the obvious choice because it's built natively on the Salesforce platform.” - Tim Brown, CFO

Customer is at the heart of everything

CFO Tim Brown emphasizes the importance of the customer for a subscription business, “Our business is built on customer relationships and being able to service and delight those clients over many, many years.”

A customer-centric organization, Motus now has a comprehensive view of all customer activity. That means every conversation, every transaction, every request, is accessible to all customer-facing team members. So anytime a customer has a question, anyone from any department can answer.

Easy to implement

Motus implemented FinancialForce Accounting within 60 days during the company’s busiest season—it was year-end, annual audit and budget time.

Tim Brown remembers, “After rolling out FinancialForce, it was the first time ever that a salesperson thanked me, just given the power of the transparency it provided across the organization. It was probably the simplest implementation that I've had throughout my career.”

Running the entire business from a single solution

Florence, a key member of the finance team notes, "Everything flows seamlessly. I never know where Salesforce ends, where FinancialForce starts, and I don't need to know because it's the same information. Everything is in the same tool."

Keeping the mobile workforce in motion

With FinancialForce everyone can work from mobile devices and laptops, at home, in the cafe, or in the office. Complete real-time information allows them make faster, better decisions.

Cash flow strong

Motus credits FinancialForce for improving DSOs and managing down aging—critical factors for a small business. With Salespeople compensated on invoices collected, access to invoice data in FinancialForce enables the sales team to call clients and bring in cash faster.


Real Impact with Automation and Workflow

99% faster for month-end reconciliation. Reduced from weeks down to minutes by leveraging the power APIs on the platform into their forecasting and budgeting app.

From weeks to days. Month-end close reduced dramatically.

Every morning at 7:15 am I get a refresh of the dashboard that gives me a view of unposted payables, unposted sales invoices, and I can quickly see what still needs to be done for us to close the books.

Florence Jones, Accounting Manager