Milrose Consultants is a building code consulting and expediting firm. Milrose handles all types of construction projects ranging from interior renovations to out-of-the-ground residential and commercial towers.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Dynamics GP

Location: New York, New York, US

Industry: Professional Services

FinancialForce ERP, to me and the company, is that it’s allowed us to transform our business. The time consuming aspect of our old system versus our new system on, is a huge cost savings for us.

David Hannaford, CFO

Business Issues

  • A patchwork of various systems for accounting, invoicing, and financial reporting proved problematic and time consuming to manage
  • Disjointed systems created too many manual processes and stalled company growth
  • Disparate platforms drove teams to work in silos - negatively impacting productivity
  • Invoicing was cobbled together from several different systems and often did not match the proposal - which then required extensive research to pinpoint issues
  • Managing long term projects with multiple change orders and contract changes, became near impossible to document and summarize for customers
  • With too much data on several different systems, reports had to be built manually - wasting time for team and slowing down business decisions
  • Lack of a single platform was limiting growth trajectory
  • Heavy use of Excel spreadsheets made month end close painful and without a clear picture of project profitability

Benefits & Results

  • FinancialForce Accounting and Salesforce CRM as a single cloud solution streamlines operations and financial systems
  • Having a single cloud creates huge efficiency savings with access to information available 24/7
  • Manual data lookup is no longer - complex pricing for services is automatically fed from CRM systems - reducing human error
  • Integrated system produces invoices from the source data that match exactly the detail in proposals - eradicating errors, duplications, and delays
  • For the first time, client account reporting is instantaneous with a single click
  • New efficiencies and time savings allow for team members to be redeployed to higher value - and more satisfying activities
  • Transformative Cloud ERP means everyone can stay in step with clients and better meet their demands
  • Single platform allows “Order to Cash” visibility for every step of the process
  • DSO reduced with cash coming in faster
  • Business decisions made faster and smarter with greater visibility into information that was previously unavailable - steering the course for company growth
  • Dramatic ROI:
    • Client recap statements: from 10-30 hours per week to a touch of a button - instantaneous
    • Customer invoicing: from 4-5 days per week to one day per week
    • Month-end close: from two weeks per month to one week per month