Manufacturers Edge manufactures and distributes a wide range of Fluid Handling equipment. They manufacture pumps for the beer brewing industry, marine air conditioning, sprinkler pumps and distribute several types of industrial pumps. In addition to the pump industry MFG Edge also imports and exports products not related to the pump industry.

The busy manufacturing company is now unifying their business all on one cloud platform. With FinancialForce Financial Management, they have been able to take total control of inventory management and optimize financial operations. A once disconnected company, they now know precisely what they’ve got, what to sell, what to replenish, and what’s on its way.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Financial Management; FinancialForce Spend Management; FinancialForce Inventory Management

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Farmingdale, New Jersey, US

Industry: Manufacturing

FinancialForce had everything that we were looking for, and then some. It was the better product compared to other products that we saw out there. It's native to the platform, easy to use, and it had all the functions that our business needed. Because of FinancialForce we've gone from worrying about downtime to zero downtime.

Agnes Kim, Director of Operations

Business Issues

  • Quickbooks limitations hampered company productivity and growth: No CRM connection, no scalability, no customer support, no mobile access, no meaningful reports
  • Disconnected systems being used to manage the entire product and customer lifecycle from inventory management to balance sheet consolidation—proved too inefficient for company growth

We're able to reduce labor, reduce inventory, and better manage our customer base. When you save resources like that, your margins are going to go up.

Mike Caringi, President

Benefits & Results

Power of the Platform

  • Native to Salesforce: FinancialForce delivers deep visibility and powerful controls to simplify, optimize, and leverage inventory and finance data across the entire organization
  • Flexibility: Platform makes it easy to adapt applications to the ever-changing business requirements
  • Mobile bliss: FinancialForce is always in your pocket. Reports run automatically and hit mobile devices every day. Executive team knows, anywhere anytime, what happened that day eliminating lag time for decision making
  • Single customer truth: Having the CRM record tied to financial and procurement data allows anyone in the company to see what’s going with a customer—creating superior customer service

Saving Money—Saving Time

  • Lean team productivity: Running all functions from quoting customers, shipping, inventory management, automated purchase orders, and replenishment of inventory—100% on FinancialForce, on one cloud
  • No more guesswork on inventory replenishment: Reducing costly inventory issues, while improving cash flow
  • Best place to work?—Yes! Operating with less people improves compensation plans driving strong employee retention—outdoing the competition

Making Money—Growing Profits

  • Higher margin products identified easily: FinancialForce surfaces margin information, in real-time with advanced analytics. Team knows which products to focus on for higher returns
  • Solid path to growth: Get access to richer data and analysis to drive targeted marketing campaigns. Can manage a limited marketing budget wiser and produce money-making results
  • Quoting smarter, selling faster: Sales now has clear visibility into multiple supplier offerings—pricing, locations, inventory availability—making the best deals for customers and the company

Who are Your Suppliers?

  • Dazzling the suppliers! The team has better insight into their vendors' business than the vendors do.
  • Team has the intelligence to make decisions for the company and partners
  • With FinancialForce there is no more hunting down approved suppliers, pricing and catalogs—they are all online, in real-time