Since 1991, Lexmark has been a recognized and lauded leader in imaging and output solutions that help people and organizations improve process and reduce their costs. Lexmark’s award winning imaging and output technology has continued to evolve as the world becomes more digital and connected.

Lexmark sells its products and services in more than 170 countries, and is a recognized global leader by many of the technology industry’s leading market analyst firms. Lexmark has also acquired and integrated several strategic software companies since 2010, further expanding the company’s breadth of offerings to include innovative software solutions.

Today the company competes in key growth markets that include managed print services, intelligent capture, enterprise content management, healthcare content management, financial process automation and enterprise search – all focused on helping Lexmark customers connect employees to the most relevant information at the moment they need it.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Large

Previous system: MYOB

Location: Lenexa, Kansas, US

Industry: Software/SaaS/Web Development

Having access to real-time data allows us to balance work load and work assignments to ensure that the right people are assigned to the right projects.

Patrick Kearney, VP Professional Services

Business Issues

  • Number of projects and complexity increasing
  • Project managers unable to effectively plan resources
  • Sales group unable to see project status
  • Organization had little or no information sharing across teams

Benefits & Results

  • Services and sales on the same page at all times - anyone on the team can access metrics like revenue goals, chargeability goals and average bill rate goals
  • Standardized dashboards for a single view of the customer
  • Professional Services now has real-time access to all sales opportunities
  • Quarterly, monthly, and weekly forecasting now accurate
  • New survey tool quickly elicits customer feedback
  • 2% increase in resource utilization
  • 50% increase in value-added sales to existing customers
  • 3% reduction in voluntary attrition across the Professional Services team