"FinancialForce is a complete ERP. It provides a holistic picture from Sales to Finance to Supply Chain and HR."

Alan Hall, Senior VP, Information Technology, Jacobus Consulting

Jacobus Consulting is a leading healthcare consulting firm that partners with providers to continually improve patient care and quality, optimize operations, and financial performance. Their depth and breadth of expertise positions Jacobus to solve the most complex challenges in healthcare.

Products in Use: FinancialForce ERPFinancialForce Accounting;  FinancialForce Spend Management; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: Irvine, California, US

Industry: Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals; IT Services

Business Issues

  • Outgrown the shoestring IT processes that supported its business • Reliance on Microsoft Excel and QuickBooks to manage billing and financials was extremely labor intensive
  • A mountain of manual processes was holding the business back and limiting growth
  • Manual tools hampered ability to identify what was going on in the business, as well as the market
  • Talented people were focused on tedious, laborious tasks - limiting time on higher value activities
  • On-premise considered old-school way - needed a single cloud solution to gain a 360 degree view of the customer. Bolt on modules not accepted

It’s one continuous picture that allows you real-time access to whatever information you might need.

Alan Hall, Senior VP, Information Technology, Jacobus Consulting

Benefits & Results

  • Rewards of switching to cloud-based ERP reinforced the decision of choosing cloud over on-premise was the right one
  • No need to integrate “the pieces” of an ERP solution - the value of a single cloud unifies the applications organically
  • Unified platform reduces cost of implementation and cost of ownership - better value compared to other options available
  • A full-fledged cloud ERP system automates many of the manual processes that were bogging people down
  • Connecting the back office to the front office all on the Salesforce platform, enables data to flow freely between the company’s CRM and various back office processes
  • Less worry about the day-day business frees up time for executives to provide thought leadership and focus on strategic matters and the big picture of running the business
  • Timely insight into the business improves strategic planning - no more waiting three months to get information that drives business decisions
  • Agile decision making is now possible with a real-time snapshot of what’s going on in the business - and the industry - available anytime, anywhere
  • Team able to break down the silos that existed between operations, HR, finance and sales team - information flows seamlessly on a cloud ERP platform
  • Greater responsiveness to customers now achieved. Can provide information regarding billing immediately - with all customer financial data shifted from the back office to out front
  • Streamlined processes and new operational efficiencies have positioned the organization well for growth
  • Staff is now freed up to focus on customer interactions instead of back-office tasks, enabling the company to sign extended customer contracts - growing the top line
  • The monthly financial period close - once a major challenge - has been slashed in half from two weeks to one week
  • Invoicing processes reduced from 4 days to a day and a half - an 87% improvement
  • Adding the HR and Supply Chain solutions to the ERP mix has also increased overall productivity, increased accuracy, and increased compliance from staff with the recording of time, expenses and HR issues

We’re now able to be more responsive to our customers because we have real-time data in front of us. We’re able to provide them with whatever they need that wasn’t available to us before. Now we can run an entire group of statements for customers to show them where they’re at in the billing process.

Alan Hall, Senior VP, Information Technology, Jacobus Consulting