"FinancialForce SCM, for us, means simplification and sophistication - We have simplified what the team needs to see. And we are more sophisticated in how we handle data and projects with the ability to report back to customers instantly."

Sara Curry, Director of Operations and Finance, Interra Global

Reducing costs through the supply chain with FinancialForce SCM

Prior to using FinancialForce SCM, Interra Global were using multiple solutions to manage their logistics business. Outlook was heavily relied on for communication because these systems were operating in isolation and didn’t talk to each other.

As a distributor with high logistics costs, it was critical for Interra Global to try and reduce costs through the stages of procurement, PO tracking, receiving, shipping, warehousing and re-distribution. Having the ability to watch orders from when they are placed through to delivery to the customer or their warehouse with FinancialForce SCM has been crucial in allowing them to identify areas that could be more efficient and cost effective.

With a Lightning user interface, they have been able to develop a single screen to manage all inbound containers of material in motion across the supply chain. This real-time snapshot provides tremendous visibility with drill around flexibility when more detail is necessary. Color coded alerts allow them to quickly foresee potential problems in time to react. Additionally, the single access point gives them the capability to update multiple records at one time from one screen – a significant time saver. Overall, the Lightning interface vastly improves their management tools.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Order Fulfillment; FinancialForce Spend Management; FinancialForce Supplier Agreements; FinancialForce Inventory Management

Company size: Small

Previous system: Intacct

Location: Park Ridge, Illinois, US

Industry: Logistics and Distribution

Business Issues

  • Duplicate data entry
  • Inefficiencies jumping between systems – disruptive and time consuming
  • Minimal flexibility to get information out
  • Quote to Sales order started in Salesforce but very minimal information pushed back to the other systems
  • No procurement information for direct ship orders (which accounts for a third of Interra Global’s business) pushed to Salesforce
  • Little real-time inventory availability with no PO information tied to sales orders

We have streamlined our operations so much that we can be more forward thinking on projects. We no longer have as many problems as long as we are getting information out in a timely manner.

Sara Curry, Director of Operations and Finance, Interra Global

Benefits & Results

Customer status updates on the go

One of the biggest immediate benefits Interra Global has seen since implementing FinancialForce SCM, is the impact on customer service. Response time to customers significantly improved now that anyone in the business can see a comprehensive view of an order or account instantly. Questions can be answered quickly and more thoroughly and employees can be proactive thanks to the ability to drill into those issues and get complete visibility of the supply chain. Going a step further, Interra has created additional functionality out of SCM, particularly for logistics, allowing them to pull information at various stages and from multiple levels to track order status on inbound POs and to regularly update customers.

With all key information in one place, Interra Global can now easily report an array of things that were harder to see before, such as delivery projections for live orders, sales by ship to locations or type of account, and metrics on orders placed or containers in transit. All of this leads to better managing forecasts, inventory volumes and workflows. With Operations and Sales collaborating on one system through Chatter, Activities and Cases, they are working better together towards a single goal, which has created a culture of teamwork and ultimately benefits the customer in simplifying their overall buying process.

Saving money and generating new business with SCM

FinancialForce SCM has brought efficiencies to routine tasks avoiding the need for multiple data entry. The result of this has been that the Operations team can spend more time handling exceptions and special orders and react to those quickly which looks impressive to customers. It also means that operations are now under control, positioning the business for future growth.

Interra has moved from having an inventory snapshot from Intacct available each morning to having all order and historical information available for Sales in real time. Being able to see what a customer bought recently, what they have been quoted and who else is quoting on the same material, is crucial to them being able to make instant decisions which win new business.

SCM has also allowed the business to cut costs in other ways such as better negotiation with freight suppliers. Purchase order accuracy is improved avoiding costly mistakes such as not ordering what the customers need.

The Importance of real-time data

The instant nature of the information means Interra can see if they are going to meet their customer's needs in time, and issues can be fixed to bring projects back on track. Exception dashboards issue a clear warning when there is a potential problem so that it can be addressed before it is too late.

“Creating quotes is so simple. With real time material availability and historic data on accounts at the Sales team’s fingertips, we have now built confidence with our customers that we can deliver what we promise. A quote always matches an invoice.”

And the bottom line? With better visibility into the supply chain, Interra can anticipate and react sooner leading to improved management for everything from procurement to customer service to cash flow.

We are actually using the fact that we have access to real time information to set us apart from competitors and to pitch business to customers as part of the sales cycle. It has definitely been key to us securing a number of new clients.

Sara Curry, Director of Operations and Finance, Interra Global