Interlochen Center for the Arts creates magic, FinancialForce HCM powers it

Interlochen Center for the Arts is a magical place, a creative institution where thousands of artists and arts patrons come to experience world-class educational and cultural opportunities. Interlochen is dedicated to the promotion of world friendship through the universal language of the arts.

Interlochen wants that same magic to be felt by employees and FinancialForce Human Capital Management (HCM) is making that happen. The cloud-based HR application empowers Interlochen HR to inspire employees to collaborate and be engaged. FinancialForce HCM also provides the HR team a powerful system to remove administrative overload and bring in richer communication.

Products in Use: FinancialForce HCM

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Other

Location: Interlochen, Michigan, US

Industry: Nonprofit

What stood out for us about HCM was the way that it took very, very complex pieces of data, benefits, what benefits am I enrolled in, what am I eligible for, how did that all fit together last year, etc, and the way they put that together for the end user to manage creates a really awesome user experience.

Michael Slawnik, Manager of Applications and Development

Business Issues

Before: Too many systems needed to run HR

Kim Zubrickas, Executive Director, HIR at Interlochen knew that to be a cutting-edge HR department, their existing systems were too antiquated and lacked functionality. They had too many point solutions managing key pieces of HR e.g. recruiting, performance management, compensation planning. The HR team was spending more time managing data and in admin hassles than adding value to the organization.

Onboarding with HCM is absolutely amazing. It's all electronic. The new employee doesn’t have to fill out paper anymore. Everything lives together, all streamlined, in one place. We have over 1,000 employees that check in every summer, and this process has made our lives in HR much easier!

Cortney Wallace, HR Generalist

Benefits & Results

Now magic: Hire to Retire in a single app

Kim had the vision of a single solution to manage the entire ‘hire to retire’ lifecycle and FinancialForce HCM was the answer. Now they can recruit, hire, track and manage the workforce using a single, unified HR app. The HR team is better equipped to provide deeper business value to the organization.

“FinancialForce is really helping us be more successful, and have a higher level internal customer service for our employees” – Kim Zubrickas

Onboarding a breeze

Interlochen manages a year-round full time staff along with a large number of seasonal hourly employees which was a challenge until FinancialForce HCM. An applicant record becomes the interview record which becomes a new hire record. The mounds of paperwork are gone. FinancialForce makes it so everyone can find what they need to get up to speed quickly.

“We wanted a system that would make that transition from, ‘I want to work at Interlochen,’ to ‘I am going to work in Interlochen,’ to ‘I'm arriving here to work in Interlochen,’ as smooth as possible. HCM has allowed us to streamline that a lot.” – Michael Slawnik, Manager of Applications and Development

Engagement brings productivity

Employees are more productive when they're engaged and Kim has the data to back this up. Since implementing, HCM employees are more active in the self-service portal, collaborating with other team members and feeling empowered.

“Employees love being able to go in the system and look at their vacation time, their sick time, and all of their data. They can change it on their own in real time. And because of that reason, they have connected a lot more with Interlochen.” – Kim Zubrickas

Self-service removes the burden off HR team

The self-service ability for managers and employees has removed all kinds of data inaccuracies, inconsistencies, and time-consuming processes chasing down answers. Everything is in the cloud, and everything is accessible to everyone.

An HR app driving decisions for the business

Cortney Wallace loves the reporting in HCM! She is able to provide more meaningful data to the senior staff. Interlochen gets detailed visibility of all the worker info they need to make data-driven, business decisions on things like wages and salaries by department. ‘Are we doing the right thing, or do we need to make some changes’ are internal questions that drive smarter business decisions.

“HCM reporting is the best I've seen anywhere. I can report on everything now, and it's the most exciting part of my job, because everything is accurate, I trust it. FinancialForce reports are so presentable. You can use dashboards and make them beautiful." – Cortney Wallace, HR Generalist

Creating a lifelong community

Michael Slawnik conveys how the flexibility of HCM allows them to capture interesting information about the community in this unique organization.

“So that 360-degree view of the person as: Came to camp when they were 10, came to the high school when they were 14, and then 10 years later had a child and that child wanted to go to camp, and lo and behold, they had a career that meant they could come to camp and work. That's an amazing picture of affinity and relationship with the institution that we were missing before we adopted FinancialForce.”

Benefits with benefits

The Financial HCM Open Enrollment functionality makes the process quick to manage, pretty understandable, and you can ask a question in a way that you get an answer back immediately. Along with the powerful core HR stuff, Open Enrollment adds richness to the functionality. It’s a piece that touches everybody in the organization.

Payroll connectivity

One of the greatest benefits for Interlochen is that the HR friendly system from FinancialForce still connects to ADP Payroll. The HCM Payroll interface allows the two systems to talk to each other and everyone gets paid!

Clicks not code!

The flexibility of FinancialForce allows even the most non-technical person to work IT magic in the system.

“I'm not a developer. I have an English degree and a Music degree. The way that FinancialForce architected their solutions to allow for further customization and automation is game-changing. The Clicks Not Code way allows us to get the benefit to the business much more quickly and get them moving.” – Michael Slawnik