"Being on the Salesforce platform and integrated with Salesforce CRM is a powerful combination."

Simon Ward, CFO, Harmoney

Harmoney is New Zealand’s first licensed peer to peer (P2P) lending platform, where smart borrowers and investors meet to get a better deal. Harmoney has turned banking upside down by giving all New Zealanders the power to choose an alternative to high interest credit cards and low interest term deposits.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Small

Previous system: Xero

Location: Global

Industry: Financial Services & Insurance

Business Issues

  • Start-up company needing to establish mission critical financial applications to grow the business
  • Current accounting system had limitations requiring manual processes to consolidate several entities
  • Looking to implement an application ecosystem with apps that work together and highly scalable – grow as they grow

Our FinancialForce application does what we need it to do – it’s a great system!

Simon Ward, CFO, Harmoney

Benefits & Results

  • The single cloud platform streamlines processes for this new company from the on-set
  •  FinancialForce Accounting integrated with Saleforce CRM, and on the Salesforce platform reduces the need for multiple clouds (as with other providers)
  • With apps living on one cloud platform, Harmoney saves on resources and costs, can scale quickly, and connect global teams
  • 360 view of the overall health of the company at management fingertips – dashboards, reporting, and analysis that include financial and non-financial data
  • Smarter and more rapid decisions are made as information is shared seamlessly and in real-time. No more relying on outdated information
  • Able to analyse the impact of customer activity drivers in real time and make rapid adjustments to the mix of those drivers based on performance
  • Timely reporting to stakeholders gives confidence that the company is well managed and meeting goals
  • Small teams produce large team effort – efficient financial systems reduce need to grow headcount as the company grows
  • Information shared across the groups prevents siloes in a young company from forming. Everyone views the same set of data gives us the ability to quickly deploy critical information to key decision makers in real-time, and with the confidence that the data is accurate.

Simon Ward, CFO, Harmoney