"Most importantly, FinancialForce realized that they needed to integrate smoothly not just with Salesforce CRM, but with the other critical path Apps for manufacturing and design we needed in order to pull off moving an integrated system to the cloud.By using the platform, we were able to merge the financial data of five different Software platforms into one with FinancialForce residing on our Salesforce platform."

Glenn Reilly, CFO, GCOMM Pty Ltd

Founded in 1996, GCOMM is an established Australian technology company specializing in the delivery of managed IT services to medium and large businesses with multiple office locations. As one of the country’s leading IT service providers, they offer broadband services delivered over their nationwide aggregated private IP network.

GCOMM positions itself as a boutique IT solution provider for corporate businesses across Australia, by developing unique and highly customized engineering solutions that meet their exact needs. Their portfolio of services is diverse and includes connectivity, cloud backup, server hosting, colocation, WAN solutions, managed services, network security, IT consulting and more.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Global

Industry: Telecommunications

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • Disconnected systems meant GCOMM had hit an operational wall preventing them from realizing growth plans
  • Maintaining different systems became inefficient and mistake laden - Quickbooks (accounting system), MIS (customer invoicing), Netsip (supplier invoicing), Connectwise (GyroScope service invoicing), plus Telecom Order Management

Having a totally integrated system gives the user and customer a total 360 degree view of our business.

Glenn Reilly, CFO, GCOMM Pty Ltd

Benefits & Results

  • Achieved the goal of complete collaboration between Sales, Accounting and technical departments - better and easier sharing of important information plus 360 view of finances
  • FinancialForce Accounting enables GCOMM to have multiple customers (from their two companies - GCOMM and LiveBackup) on one platform, as well as use multiple currencies
  • FinancialForce XL tool enables GCOMM to work with data in Microsoft Excel documents - importing and exporting documents such as cash entries, journals, sales invoices and other data that we are using in day-to-day accounting operations
  • FinancialForce XL tool is also used to upload data from worksheets to create and modify FinancialForce budgets, upload bank statements to FinancialForce Accounting for automatic reconciliation
  • Higher efficiency and real-time financial analysis have led to cost reductions and error reduction
  • Ability to create consolidated financial reports for our two companies, GCOMM and LiveBackup, enables them to see financial results across both organizations and easily make comparisons
  • Ability to use ‘One Chart of Accounting’ hierarchy across two companies (previously Chart of Accounting was separate for GCOMM and LiveBackup)
  • Year-end processing now completely automated
  • Customized field dependency between Trial Balances allows GCOMM to present financial data by company objectives
  • Flexibility of app allows them to create custom fields, custom reports, custom templates, etc
  • Ability to close/lock financial reports for security purposes
  • Currency overwriting now possible
  • Management able to easily pull metrics and view in dashboards e.g. business forecasts, how many deals can be closed by the end of the month, and number of opportunities

Users can readily see the sales, provisioning, technical and financial data relating to all our customers and allows management through easily generated dashboards and reports an absolutely crucial insight into the business.

Glenn Reilly, CFO, GCOMM Pty Ltd