Freedom Property is taking Real Estate to the cloud. The power of the Internet has eliminated the need for expensive office overheads that have cost sellers and buyers far too much for years. Freedom Property is changing the way Real Estate works by making the franchisee an individual rather than an office.

Without these huge costs, Freedom Property offers the freedom to choose the experience level and the commission when selling your home, empowering homeowners and Free Agents like never before.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Financial Management; FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing

Company size: Small

Previous system: Microsoft Excel; MYOB

Location: Global

Industry: Real Estate & Construction

We can basically take any process we can think of and integrate it with FinancialForce. It can automate everything we do! Having on the Salesforce1 platform, we don’t consider them two different programs– they are one. We now have a program that allows us to scale the business and that the company can grow into.

Randall Curry, Founder and CEO

Business Issues

  • Ambitious and innovative startup in growth mode
  • Identified need for accounting solution that was an extension of Salesforce CRM
  • Understood early, in order to scale and grow, standardized processes and automation would be key factors
  • Required a solution that would connect their sales team and their franchisees to the system S

A low commission model means it’s all about automation and that’s exactly what FinancialForce Accounting does for us.

Randall Curry, Founder and CEO

Benefits & Results

  • FinancialForce Accounting and Salesforce CRM working together on the Salesforce platform provides a seamless integration with sales, accounting and franchisee records
  • Critical automation provides scalable and cost effective solutions– components this fast growth company can’t do without
  • Any process taking five minutes of someone’s day is automated and streamlined based on workflows– essential when running a low cost model
  • Can now manage all aspects of a deal from sale through to contract and billing in a single record
  • Sales team now has the capacity to access financial data– saving everyone time from asking– and answering questions
  • Finance department is more customer centric keeping the franchisee more informed– and providing the ability for franchisees to see their own outstanding invoices and understand their financial position
  • Five hour sales follow up and commissions receivable/payable invoice process is now reduced to 25 minutes with the built-in automation of FinanicalForce Accounting
  • Complicated algorithms for commissions which took 3/4 of an hour are now automated– instant calculations are generated
  • FinancialForce app is flexible– all while providing tremendous data integrity and accuracy
  • Flexible nature allows for business processes to be easily configured, e.g. billing is automatically triggered based on other events happening in the business
  • Invoices are attached to actual sales transactions– something not found in other solutions– and saves valuable time searching for source document
  • Environmentally friendly– never goes to paper, no costly antiquated archive systems and no more massive hardcopy data storage
  • Audits run smoothly– no more digging through boxes to find info. A two to three day effort is now a click away with information document attached to the relevant record. Auditors can be assigned a view-only login to the financial system creating true transparency and accountability
  • Reports instantly check the health of the company and keep things going in the right direction– have we met our goals, can we spend or not?
  • Small lean team can work efficiently– what would normally take three people can be achieved with one– meaning huge running costs saved with less need to hire as company grows
  • Rather than task driven– finance has time to think more strategically and look for daily and valuable improvements