Engineering Express® is a one-of-a-kind rapid response engineering firm. The Florida based business specializes in building envelope consultation, product evaluations, specialty structural design, inspection, & certification, and forensic and disaster assessment across America.

The busy firm gets requests for rapid deployment of engineering services often, and they need to assemble and deploy teams at a moment’s notice. Having all the services delivery information in FinancialForce’s cloud applications allows them to respond to the needs of the industry with confidence. They have the tools and intelligence to put the right team, right skills and right project plan in place to complete any task, large or small.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Previous system: Homegrown

Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida, US

Industry: Engineering

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 4 stars
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FinancialForce built on the Salesforce platform is perfect. From an IT's perspective, the power of the platform is as big as I want to imagine it, as big as anybody wants to imagine it. If somebody says, Hey, I wish I could do this, it's not a wish, I can make it happen.

Gabriel Saslafsky, Systems Efficiency Manager

Business Issues

  • Growth rate was not sustainable without a scalable, enterprise class system
  • Lack of visibility across projects left team unable to identify critical issues that were sending projects off-schedule, off-budget
  • Homegrown system had limited reporting and integration capabilities and was fraught with errors due to manual and duplicate data entry - made project tracking painful and limited
  • No integration with CRM meant project planning was compromised - sales could not see resource availability and services could not see pipeline

FinancialForce allows us to redefine the business of engineering and grow the company in ways towards the future that no other platform can. It's a solution that allows us to transform the current generation of engineers into the modern-day world.

Frank L Bennardo, PE, President and owner

Benefits & Results

One Platform, One Unified system

  • A solid, unified chain: FinancialForce connects effortlessly to other apps on the Salesforce platform and integrates data to other programs outside of the platform - group now managing entire project in one system no matter how complex
  • Quoting to project management, to field operations, to invoicing and receivables is all under one roof, one cloud, enabling the team to provide exceptional customer service
  • The line between sales and service is now blended. Sales and services are working better together - services team can see deals at the opportunity stage and help build project plans that make sense
  • Utilization metrics and resource availability is now easy to report on - data makes it easier to get people on the project when they’re most needed
  • Real-time visibility into project costs gives team ability to make adjustments to help preserve profit margins
  • Project alerts and early notifications prompt engineers to correct issues early and put projects back on track immediately
  • Flexible nature of apps make it easy to adjust to changing business requirements or market needs - ‘It just goes in the direction you want it to go!’

Engineering Excellence

  • With FinancialForce in place, the team is able to rapidly deploy for any engineering need. For example, the HVAC building code change that recently impacted and paralyzed thousands of installations from well-known brand companies (Trane, Rheem, Samsung, Goodman, Fujitsu among others) was well managed and swiftly executed with the help of PSA

From the Office to the Field

  • Field engineers know which projects are their top priority and can better focus on the urgent needs of their clients and projects with the higher margins
  • Bottlenecks are gone! There is no greater transparency than with FinancialForce. Everyone can work and report on anything, anywhere, at any time - in the field or in the office

Exceptional Client Experience

  • Engineering Express® now has total confidence that their customer needs will be met and exceeded thanks to FinancialForce ERP
  • Client transparency has earned trust and built relationships by allowing clients to be notified and view as they wish on any level of project details
  • Technicians can answer questions and solve issues on the spot, keeping customers happy and retention high
  • ‘Go look at the Chatter.’ Track the history of a project or client from start to finish, for all to see - questions asked and answered - creating tight collaboration and aligning the team externally and internally