Emergo provides regulatory consulting to medical device manufacturers in over 20 international markets. They also offer in-country representation for manufacturers acting as a local point of contact to regulatory authorities in these markets on behalf of their clients.

This growth mode company, that specializes in medical device regulatory consulting, is better serving their clients with a unified view of the customer. By leveraging the power of one cloud with FinancialForce PSA and the Salesforce platform, Emergo has the visibility and assets to maximize resources, drive revenue growth and deliver on customer promises.

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: QuickBooks; Netsuite OpenAir

Location: Austin, Texas, US

Industry: Healthcare Technology

As a consulting firm in the medical device regulatory consulting field, FinancialForce really meets our business needs. I like that it's on the Salesforce platform. I like that it is configurable and can adapt to unique processes if needed. It just feels like a natural fit.

John Brundage, Global Sales Analyst

Business Issues

  • A company-wide process mapping exercise identified OpenAir as the main bottleneck to growth
  • OpenAir was just another system. It required client data to reside in two different places, creating inaccuracies and redundancies while being difficult to maintain and reconcile

With FinancialForce's continual enhancements with each release and the flexibility with the Salesforce platform, we know we have a tool that we can leverage as Emergo continues to grow.

John Brundage, Global Sales Analyst

Benefits & Results

Key factors for Selecting FinancialForce

  • After researching various alternatives on the market, the fact that FinancialForce runs on the Salesforce platform sealed the deal
  • Emergo is in heavy growth mode. The flexibility of FinancialForce PSA accommodates current structure, scales well and can be configured for specific business needs

Power of the One Cloud Platform

  • Data flows and surfaces as part of one smooth workflow. No more dealing with limited integration points or third-party integration tools
  • Emergo can now connect all business processes across the organization and view them through one pane of glass. Working as one team - one office to serve the customer
  • Unified view for customer communication is created with data applied to a single customer record. Internal users communicate with each other much more effectively and can answer questions and update customers in a more informed manner
  • Being an ISO-certified company, both 9001 and 1345, it’s critical for Emergo to have a platform that drives process consistency. Quality management system guidelines are easily followed and adhered to

Power of Reporting on One Cloud

  • Can easily pull a single detailed comprehensive report to include anything from sales, to budgets, to any changes in scope, actual bookings and revenue, and more. How’s that for the power of one cloud!
  • Management has global insight on resource management. Can see current capacity and project forecasts to know where adjustments should be made, where additional resources should be brought on and predict where resources will be needed next

The FinancialForce ERP Connection

  • Great alone, better together. In addition to PSA, Emergo also leverages the power of FinancialForce Accounting and Revenue Recognition. Having all these solutions under the one Salesforce platform enhances organizational efficiency and brings confidence for scalability for the future