"Trust the numbers? Of course! Native connection of services to Salesforce with direct billing provides legitimacy to the reported customer and project profitability – a CFO’s dream."

Rusty Mitchener, CFO, Dirxion

Dirxion, LLC is a Full-Service Digital Publishing Provider. Dirxion, is transforming the way people access written information by providing cost-effective digital publishing solutions that leverage and optimize print online.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing

Company size: Small

Previous system: Peachtree

Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US

Industry: Media (Broadcast, Publishing, Internet)

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • As strong Salesforce users, the company was eager to move other pieces of the business to the cloud, including accounting
  • Group recognized they needed a better connection between sales and accounting to improve data accuracy and free up information for both departments
  • The company was growing and a more efficient billing process was needed

The cloud enables us to meet the responses to our customer in a timely fashion and gives us a competitive advantage.

Rusty Mitchener, CFO, Dirxion

Benefits & Results

  • One system, one cloud for CRM and Accounting creates huge efficiencies allowing for more rapid growth
  • Native connection to Salesforce delivers a 360° view to sales team. Enables better customer service as well as ability to easily view outstanding invoices to get in front of the customer early
  • Same system equals all teams on the same page and improved communication across departments. Sales and accounting departments can view more of each other’s work
  • Greater visibility with Salesforce enables the CFO to see more detail on what’s going on in the sales cycle–impacting the forecast, which in turn impacts how to manage things like renegotiating contracts or outstanding debt with customers
  • Faster billing shaved up to 3 days off the month-end process – from 7-8 days down to 5 – a 37% improvement
  • Can now convert an opportunity to an invoice with a single click
  • Integration with Salesforce makes the team much more efficient; eliminating manual processes, re-keying and errors
  • Less confusion on the billing process results in greater accuracy and customer retention which is key when you have a high volume of repeat customers
  • Biggest impact has been shorter cash cycles. Reduced DSO by a couple of weeks, reducing cost of credit and paying dividends directly to the bottom line
  • All around greater efficiency allows company to spend less time on busy work and more time with customers and strategic activities–the upside is growth
  • FinancialForce has simplified reporting with new automated reports not available with previous system and less reliance on spreadsheets
  • Love the cloud! Much more confident having data in a secure cloud vs on-site
  • Audits are smoother thanks to reporting and simplified interface – easier to find the detail from months ago and answer questions
  • Makes the Finance team’s job easier with anywhere, anytime access. Key during critical crunch times
  • Products easy to learn, helping team realize benefits almost instantly, driving user adoption

The ease of communication across departments trickles down to a customer when we are all on the same page, no mixed messages.

Rusty Mitchener, CFO, Dirxion