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Their software allows users to raise invoices, record expenses, keep track of business cashflow, and see tax bills in real time, with unlimited support provided by a manned helpdesk.

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Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Sage

Location: Brighton, UK

Industry: Business Services

We chose to use FinancialForce because we need to report from anywhere in the world. It's future proofed our business. It's growing as our business grows. The support is excellent.

Stephen Paynter, Financial Controller

Business Issues

  • Growing at over 50% per year and Sage unable to manage the dramatic increase in transactions— 8-9,000 now at 80-90,000 transactions
  • Inability to review financials remotely along with multiple systems not talking to each other slowed pace of business
  • Financial reports were time consuming to produce and hard to disseminate across the business. Information was out of date as soon as it was shared

The customer journey from our selling through to invoicing is completely connected. Our sales team will onboard a customer, set-up the direct debit payments, take all their necessary information, and that's automatically passed through to the invoicing system of FinancialForce. So the transaction's already in the system. The back office functions, therefore, just function, allowing us to look to the future.

Stephen Paynter, Financial Controller

Benefits & Results

  • 90,000 transactions and rising, now processed with ease
  • Instant access to real time information from anywhere by senior managers is ensuring the business is able to scale efficiently
  • Improved reporting to the business: FinancialForce Action Views app allows senior management access to financials from their mobile devices so that they can better manage their areas of responsibility
  • Faster and more accurate reporting—15 to 20 days has become 5 to 6 days, and data quality is improved
  • Better customer service—timely information has enabled Crunch to provide more flexible pricing to customers and to be more responsive to their needs
  • Moving to the cloud from a number of disjointed, on premise systems has reduced maintenance costs and any changes can now be cascaded quickly through the systems
  • Extraction of data is now very simple, saving time that can now be spent on business building activities
  • Connected customer journey—selling through to invoicing is completely connected. With all invoices issued remotely, this is essential for the business to run smoothly