FinancialForce Peoplecasting delivers superpowers and X-ray vision to a growing consulting firm.

Concept Services, a Salesforce Implementation Silver partner, specializes in inbound and outbound lead management consulting services to help clients fill their sales pipeline. The company culture blends old-school professionalism with a new edge on technology and services. Concept’s success in this rising industry has lead them to year over year growth of over 40%.

Concept needed a solution to manage all aspects of the business, and scale with rapid company growth. FinancialForce ERP was the only and the most logical choice.

Products in Use: FinancialForce ERP; FinancialForce Financial Management; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: QuickBooks; Custom solution

Location: Medina, Ohio, US

Industry: Consulting

Our account managers and directors can now actually peoplecast, assign people to projects with greater confidence in the outcome. We’re making better, more informed decisions.

Traci Whetzel, Director of CRM

Business Issues

Before FinancialForce was on the scene, Concept managed HR and services using a mix of custom solutions, combined with QuickBooks for financials. This hodgepodge of apps made keeping up with aggressive growth a challenge. It was hard to know what was going on with projects, and what type of resources and skills were required to make projects successful.

FinancialForce Peoplecasting actually changed our decision-making mindset. It has eliminated frustration and over-communication. We now have real-time data to make decisions quickly.

Traci Whetzel, Director of CRM

Benefits & Results

The all-inclusive ‘aha’ moment

Valerie Harsh, the CFO at Concept knew that growth was going to be challenging running the business on separate and disparate systems. “There has to be a better way to do this, to tie everything together to make more impactful and informed decisions.”

It was time for a new solution that could be all-inclusive across the company and include the financial elements, the people elements, the project elements, and the customer service elements on top of everything. And to really understand, ‘how do we better manage our people?’

Introducing Peoplecasting

““Peoplecasting is forecasting. You're just adding a human element to it.”

Traci Whetzel, Director of CRM talks about how FinancialForce Peoplecasting helps Concept know as a company, what resources are available, and what resources they might need to recruit in order to fulfill new projects.

“Now with Peoplecasting, our production team can simply look at a dashboard to see what resources we have available. If we don’t have that specific skill internally, our recruiting team knows what we need and they find and hire the right skillset. This connection between services and HR helps us start new projects quicker and on time, keeping customers happy.”

Projects and people in one solution

By adopting both FinancialForce Professional Services Automation and FinancialForce Human Capital Management, Concept natively integrates the data, the processes and the activities related to managing projects and their people. That’s Peoplecasting.

“Since using FinancialForce, we have been able to tie in our sales, our marketing, the closure of a brand new sale to a project, and from that project, we're able to now assign and plan for those resources using FinancialForce HCM and PSA together.”

FinancialForce PSA is the overarching umbrella that ties the entire operations together. It’s critical to tie in the project elements to HR processes to truly gain a holistic view of the company. Managing people and financial elements without the project piece creates a gap.

FinancialForce HCM is the key for Concept to better manage their people and understand their behaviors. HCM pulls together the aspects of managing performance, training, PTO, time and attendance, and who has what skill set and across three separate campuses. All in the effort to provide better services to their customers.

It’s all about supply and demand–of People

Which came first–the chicken or the egg? Do you sell the project first or staff up early to be prepared for the future? Most consulting firms are challenged with having the right balance of resources and skills for current projects and/or not having the right hiring methods for future projects that are in the pipeline. With FinancialForce, Concept is able to better forecast and manage the demand of resources, and to more efficiently and effectively fill the supply.

Peoplecasting brings financials into the fold

With FinancialForce Financial Management connected to FinancialForce PSA and FinancialForce HCM, finance now has immediate context for approving hires and overall predictability thanks to more accurate forecasting.

How does it really work? Traci simplifies it for us...

“From a Peoplecasting perspective, once those projects are in the door, our Director of Production is now able to tell recruiting that we need to allocate current resources or we need to hire more. When a project is kicked off, and the resources are assigned, we monitor and track progress on active projects. That then loops in the financial aspects of the business, and FinancialForce manages the invoicing and ties all of those elements together.”

X-ray vision

What would life be like at Concept without FinancialForce? Traci doesn’t even want to think about it!

“Without FinancialForce and Peoplecasting, we would not know how to forecast our business. We would not be able to communicate to recruiting on who we need to bring into the organization.

FinancialForce really gives me X-ray vision because I can actually see trends and data to make informed decisions for today and far ahead. It’s kind of like having a super power!”