"FinancialForce PSA has opened our eyes to how things really happen in our business. Seeing all time tracked by all resources... wow! It is amazing what we are learning about ourselves :) This has been our introduction to centralizing the work we do on projects in one place."

Kaede Holland, Operations Manager, Column Five Media

Column Five Media specializes in infographic design, social PR and content strategy

Products in Use: FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Small

Location: Newport Beach, California, US

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • Disconnect between Sales and Service with project updates requiring manual updating
  • Unable to collect project and workflow data
  • No standard process for collecting project information across the business
  • Lack of data for analysis and to aid understanding of project status and performance
  • Data integrity questionable
  • $50k lost in the last year through unbilled time on projects started without Business Development knowledge
  • Google Docs used ineffectively for collaboration by different areas of the business touching a project
  • Workload inequalities not managed

Cool things about PSA: Standardizing processes, automating repetitive tasks, communicating in context using Chatter, giving our exec/management team visibility into what is happening in all of the different departments.

Kaede Holland, Operations Manager,
Column Five Media

Benefits & Results

  • FinancialForce PSA + Skuid has made data visually appealing and easier to interact with
  • Billable time can now be tracked - project has to be existing in Salesforce before time can be booked against it
  • Edit process simplified using workflow rules to notify an Editor when an edit request is made by a Producer, Chatter to notify updates and automated notifications when an edit status is marked complete
  • Visibilty into what has been billed, people on a project and associated costs mean project margins can be calculated for the first time and employees are more motived to bring projects in under budget
  • Hours spent by PR on a project are now managed using a rollup field on the project and automatic notification when FOC hours are reached
  • Individual members of the team can see how much time they are spending on a project
  • Management can see time broken down by employees, number of projects per employee and other dimensions which will aid future decision making

It is great. It has changed the way we think about our projects and our time. Also - support team is quick, knowledgeable, and kind.

Kaede Holland, Operations Manager,
Column Five Media