"FinancialForce Accounting has enabled us to take City Box to the next level."

Ronny Schuyt, FD, City Box Holding

City Box offer a range of storage solutions and custom packages, including packaging and transportation services, across the Netherlands, which meet both corporate and private needs. City Box is proud to differentiate its offering by focusing on service delivery through a customer focused strategy - offering flexible storage and payment options depending on customer needs. They currently operate in 23 locations with an average of 700 units per location. Customers include Coca Cola, Red Bull, Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, and Lays.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Billing

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Homegrown

Location: Global

Industry: Business Services; Transportation & Shipping

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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Business Issues

  • Each of the company’s storage locations across the Netherlands was managed separately. If a customer wanted units in multiple locations it would involve duplicate data entry
  • Decentralized system meant 23 individual reports - one for each storage unit location - which had to be aggregated manually to produce one consolidated report of financial results
  • Unable to differentiate on service offering because too heavily focused on product and process
  • Customers with multiple storage units in multiple locations had to have information aggregated before a single invoice could be issued, taking three days
  • Invoicing and billing process was done per store/location which required a dedicated staff member for each store
  • Biggest customers wanted more locations which created lots of duplicates in system e.g. ten records for customer with ten different locations. Records required multiple data entry and were prone to errors
  • Different systems and processes were used at different locations
  • Reporting in Excel meant 23 databases had to be aggregated into one to get full picture of business health
  • Couldn’t report on way data interacted i.e. logical dependencies or map certain data fields so information needed on status of accounts wasn’t readily available

We are no longer just a storage company. We are a service provider. By automating nearly all of our processes with one centralized system of record, we have been able to shift from a product and process orientated company to a customer orientated company.

Ronny Schuyt, FD, City Box Holding

Benefits & Results

  • With FinancialForce Accounting they now have a single view of accounts - no longer dependent on location
  • Now able to focus more on business-building activities and less on administrative workload
  • Have reorganized structure allowing City Box to differentiate its service offering with one account manager, one level of service and one invoice per account - allowing them to win business from large corporates
  • Invoicing done at centralized service centre - requiring only three staff members to manage billing, invoicing and collecting - instead of 23
  • Able to view contracts and invoices for any customer from any location
  • Improved service levels - now if customer adds ninth storage unit, City Box can offer a discount - seeing they already have eight storage units and are a valuable customer
  • Now instead of 23 daily and monthly (average 35 euros) direct debit batches, City Box has one consolidated monthly direct debit batch of 800 euros. This has saved on bank expenses and allowed visibility into debt levels so collections can be addressed quicker
  • Now applying standardized business processes across 12,000 customers
  • Collecting direct debits to debt management is now automated - taking zero hours
  • Creating a new store in the system and adding new users is now easy - no database configuration required
  • Building out 35 to 40 standard reports in Salesforce to meet cross-company reporting needs. These can be run at the touch of a button giving real-time information
  • Access to new information and reports has helped forge the direction of the business - combined operational data and financial data to prioritize e.g. customers with longest outstanding debt, customers with highest invoice amounts now easily identified

The flexible terms and contract options we can now offer customers has enabled us to win new business and has set us apart from the competition.

Ronny Schuyt, FD, City Box Holding