"As an HR team, FinancialForce HCM allows us to focus on more strategic people-management initiatives and spend less time looking for information."

Catherine Yepson-Lee, Human Resources Manager, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Christian Children’s Fund of Canada (CCFC) is an international non-government organization and member of ChildFund Alliance focused on creating a future of hope for children, families, and communities across 6 developing countries by helping them develop the skills and resources to overcome poverty and pursue justice. Their goals are achieved by working through local partners who are experts in the unique needs of the communities where they work.

FinancialForce HCM enables CCFC to systematize human resources across 7 different countries by creating one centralized system for all employee records. Access to reliable, real-time human capital information helps CCFC be more efficient and stay competitive.

Products in Use: FinancialForce HCM

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Microsoft Excel

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Industry: Nonprofit

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 4 stars
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Business Issues

  • Lack of real-time HR information was making it hard to differentiate itself amongst competitors
  • Paper based processes for new hire requests were time consuming and inefficient
  • Employee information captured differently across 7 countries–paper files, spreadsheets, or not at all - no single source of data
  • ADP system (Pay Specialist) only allowed two comp records to be captured, which made salary reviews very time consuming

FinancialForce HCM has helped our organization automate processes and enables employee self-driven services. As we have offices in 7 different countries, this provides greater efficiency, improves quality of data and reporting, as well as encouraging collaboration.

Catherine Yepson-Lee, Human Resources Manager, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada

Benefits & Results

Core HCM

  • All employee information accessible from one place with Everyday HCM
  • Amount of queries being fielded by HR reduced
  • HR team able to easily track progress with compliance related training across the organization
  • Spreadsheets eradicated
  • Accurate time and attendance tracking brings better analysis on costs; and ultimately puts CCFC in a better place for stewardship


  • Recruiters able to post new vacancies without involving Webteam–processes more responsive to company needs–5214 applications submitted for 42 roles since HCM was implemented Recruitment managed in real time. Recruiter and manager receive the same information at the same time. No longer using generic HR inbox.
  • Reject button makes it simple to respond to unsuccessful job applications that otherwise may not get feedback

Workforce & Performance Management

  • Rapid hire creates employee record once a post has been filled, which saves time inputting data and avoids errors in the system
  • Employee Self Service allows staff to view and update personal information freeing up HR administration time
  • Centralized system for time sheets/job requisitions and performance reviews which can be approved by managers from any location ensuring smooth and timely processes
  • Compensation change form used to easily get approval and update employee salaries - no more paper based processes
  • Bi-annual performance reviews now more efficient with approval automations and continuous feedback loop
  • HCM home screen unifies offices across the globe; provides central spot where teams can share information, broadcast news, recognize work anniversaries
  • Performance reviews have become regular, collaborative processes–employee, managers, and HR have same visibility which has meant more accountability for managers to complete performance reviews in full and on time
  • Employee salary reviews are easy with HCM. Eligible employees are captured using performance review information in the system
  • Simple rating system applies to % increase. Clear structure has helped with recent accreditation process and saved time, where all salary changes can now be tracked

Workforce Analytics

  • Management reports now created and accessible in real time giving new insights into the business that weren’t available before HCM e.g. Overall status on performance reviews, financial impact, etc
  • Managers can better support HR function in moving reviews through–employee goals for the year–aids planning–employee turnover/headcount/positions filled/number of hire requests and status/demographics of workforce
  • Information required to apply for grants can now be pulled together in a timely manner
  • Now that employee information is easily accessible and can be analyzed, KPIs have been put in place to monitor overall business performance e.g. risk of retention of employees

We used to have to email candidate applications back and forth with hiring members; with the applicant tracking system in HCM, we can access the same information, at the same time.

Catherine Yepson-Lee, Human Resources Manager, Christian Children’s Fund of Canada