"We have increased the throughput in our company by over 20% in each process area and we expect our efficiency gains to continue as our team continues to learn. Bottom line: we could not have achieved this without AscentERP and FinancialForce working on"

Chris Kenny, Owner, Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Company

Jack Chambers founded Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Company in 1937. Since then the company has grown steadily through the past decades of the last century basing its reputation on Quality, Accuracy and Service. In this new millennium, Chambers is poised to meet the demands of the global OEM markets thanks to a combination of its 75+ years of gasketing experience and continued leadership commitment to meeting their customer’s needs.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting

Company size: Small

Previous system: Syteline

Location: Chicago, Illinois, US

Industry: Manufacturing

Business Issues

  • Archaic quoting system cumbersome to use and significantly impeded growth
  • A major power outage showed importance of protection against future server down time and maintenance costs, accelerating move to the cloud
  • Employees dealing with customer quotes had no visibility into AR information/credit status and limited visibility to Production and Inventory Status
  • Inability to track customer interactions between various departments e.g. what billed; what shipped; when did it ship; when was it ordered emails with customers
  • Account history gathered only by viewing multiple screens
  • Generating and modifying reports through Syteline required external help and considerable expense
  • Producing an invoice involved printing/scanning emails and saving as pdfs
  • Only means to track vendor shipments was through email history
  • ERP and financial functions both needed replacing when decision made to move away from Syteline

We now have the ability to drive meaningful ROI at all levels of our business as we grow.

Chris Kenny, Owner,
Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Company

Benefits & Results

  • Realized a 70% productivity gain by moving quoting to Salesforce, increasing quoting throughput by over 200%
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Account history can be accessed on one screen at any time to aid in customer communication regarding: acknowledgement of sales orders, shipping of sales order, tracking shipments, issuing/re-issuing of invoices
  • Improved customer service with 360-degree view of customers across departments. Full visibility into payment history allows credit terms to be extended more rapidly and customer queries to be dealt with on the spot. An employee taking an order is able to deal with AR issues
  • A single invoice can be issued in 10 seconds as opposed to 10 minutes
  • Processes streamlined to accommodate twice the work volume without adding headcount
  • Ability to track quote-to-cash to identify holes in resources and to see work in pipeline
  • Time savings from automating quoting process have enabled more time to be spent with Sales and customers to increase volume of work in funnel
  • Tangible benefits from AscentERP (manufacturing expertise) and (accounting best practices) specializing in own areas but working together where there is cross over
  • Auto order acknowledgement means it can acknowledge orders line by line and track quote to order very efficiently and monitor responsiveness to customer requests

We are exceedingly happy with our chosen partners, AscentERP and FinancialForce.

Chris Kenny, Owner,
Chambers Gasket & Manufacturing Company