CDI Spaces designs, constructs, and furnishes offices, schools, and healthcare facilities. Their focus is to provide functional solutions so their customers’ environment is optimized to best serve the organization’s purposes.

CDI needed to leave QuickBooks behind and get on the Salesforce platform to better sync their sales, services and finance teams. This story is about connecting the finance team to CRM, the power of automating month-end processes and moving to a ‘dashboards down’ approach in analyzing data.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Financial Management

Company size: Small

Previous system: QuickBooks

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Industry: Real Estate & Construction; Consulting

We were tracking Net Promoter Score, and we were getting scores of five, six, seven. Now, with FinancialForce, we've consistently been getting 9s and 10s. I think that is due to just better communication, better information being provided to our customers.

Andrew Holmes, Finance and Systems Manager

Business Issues

  • Because QuickBooks is not connected to Salesforce, data needed to be moved from one system to another causing data synchronization issues
  • Data issues raised too many questions such as: Where is the most accurate information? How do we get to that information? Is it accurate?
  • Manual data entry required a full-time role working on non-value added tasks
  • QuickBooks does not have an audit trail as part of the general ledger making audits and historical tracking a challenge.

Using FinancialForce, we've got the complete system in place now. It's a change in how we approach the business. We're able to grow much more quickly, focus on our customers, and provide better customer service.

Andrew Holmes, Finance and Systems Manager

Benefits & Results

Bringing groundbreaking cloud accounting to the Salesforce platform

  • It just made sense to build off of the Salesforce platform with FinancialForce - now sales, operations and finance teams are all working from a single system
  • Accounting data now connected to the CRM allowing everyone in the company access to customers’ financial data and to better serve them
  • Gained complete confidence in the books - it’s not a small thing. FinancialForce puts proper controls in place eliminating worries about month end and auditors!

Comprehensive, Snapshot reporting - drives decisions and improves cash flow

  • Reports and dashboards are produced on an automated basis, delivering a complete picture of company health - entire staff making smarter decisions, based on deeper, more meaningful data
  • Collections now easier with daily AR aging reports that highlight accounts getting behind. Management team and sales pitching in on collections dramatically improving cash flow
  • Automation equals timesavings
  • Month end processes are now automated - journal entries, reconciliation, etc., - letting accountants go home on time!

Key Metrics improved: customer satisfaction & cash flow

  • Operations, and sales, and finance are more interconnected, sharing real-time customer data. No silos means everybody is pulling together to support customers smarter
  • Customer Net Promoter Score skyrocketed to ratings of nines and tens - dramatic improvement from the old five, six and seven range.
  • AR aging improved to an acceptable 15% over 60 days - down from a concerning 30% over 90 days.