Camfed, an international non-profit organization, supports marginalized girls in sub-Saharan Africa to go to school, succeed, and lead. Since 1993, Camfed has directly supported over 1.4 million students to go to school, and more than 3.5 million children in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania and Malawi have benefitted from an improved learning environment.

At the core of Camfed’s program is its provision of comprehensive bursary support for girls at secondary level, where Camfed tracks each girl’s entitlements. A rapid increase of students involved in the program (the number of girls supported to attend secondary school increased from 25,376 to 118,247 in just a few years) created further complexities, as reconciling student records in Sun Systems and Salesforce was a manual process, and providing evidence of investment was complicated and time. With the holistic program insight provided by Salesforce and FinancialForce Accounting, Camfed hopes to galvanize communities and donors to reach even more children, in much less time. In 2014 Camfed pledged to support 1 million girls through secondary school within the next 5 years. The rapid scaling of its program demanded a system which could support scale without massive administrative overheads.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Clicklink

Company size: Medium

Previous system: Sun Systems

Location: Cambridge, UK

Industry: Nonprofit

AppExchange Rating: AppExchange rating 5 stars
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By helping this generation of girls with a sense of absolute urgency, we are not only hoping for a better future led by young African women – we are counting on it.

Daniel Probert, Head of IT Innovation

Business Issues

  • Student reconciliation process was a multi-team effort taking in some cases 2-3 weeks to complete per country
  • No visibility into financials from other areas of the business
  • Finance spending too much time troubleshooting issues relating to donation tracking
  • Budget could not be easily analyzed to indicate health of the organization
  • Teams were disconnected, resulting in some decisions made based on one department’s point of view

With Salesforce and FinancialForce we not only track our students, our alumnae in the CAMA network, our programs and resources, we can also make those resources go further.

Daniel Probert, Head of IT Innovation

Benefits & Results

  • Single view of transactional data related to programmatic data. One student, one record
  • Reconciliation on number of students now happening in real-time, not a year-end project
  • Payment system now more streamlined. All active students receive payments per academic year directly linked to the programmatic data and the financial system which removes the need for reconciliation between systems and helps avoid errors
  • New way of reporting on donors with ability to report on financials alongside programmatic information. Now more responsive to donor requests which eliminates needless communication
  • Smarter way to analyze data. e.g. risk of student dropout and financial implications of that
  • Budgets now staying on track. Budget owner can see status at any time so they can better plan how donations are spent to maximize use of funding
  • Transparency for donors has further increased now that Camfed can show end to end what happens with the donation–money comes in, is tagged, financial record created, linked to beneficiary
  • Camfed is now more responsive to donor needs for additional information with all data in one place
  • No more need to consolidate a global ledger across companies maintaining data integrity
  • Everyone is working more collaboratively toward company and program success with Management KPIs visible across the business
  • Bank reconciliations are now done in the system with no exporting to Excel required
  • Supplier database created to automate payments, purchase requisitions and supplier invoices
  • Old Batch processes replaced by ClickLink which automatically synchronizes data between records e.g. academic record information instantly merges into a contact page. Saves time and resolves issues around movement of data within database