BRG is a professional services firm that provides innovative Workplace Management Solutions. They specialize in business advisory services, technology deployment and staff augmentation in support of Corporate Real Estate and Facilities Management organizations. BRG’s emphasis is helping clients align people, processes and technology with their overarching business strategy.

Products in Use: FinancialForce Accounting; FinancialForce Revenue Management; FinancialForce Billing; FinancialForce PSA

Company size: Medium

Previous system: QuickBooks; Netsuite OpenAir

Location: Dallas, Texas, US

Industry: Real Estate & Construction

One of the greatest benefits we’ve seen with FinancialForce is a new-found visibility into how we’re performing and the ability to push that information out to everybody who needs that data and can act on it. That’s helped us better manage our resources, their availability, bookings, and utilization and manage all that information up against the financials.

Marshall King, VP Tools & Enablement

Business Issues

  • Firm growing rapidly and expanding globally and previous systems could no longer keep up or support global needs
  • Had different systems in place for services and financials with no linkage between project data and financial data other than manual management
  • Reporting was painful and time consuming resulting in out of date information being used to make critical decisions
  • Team had no visibility into project performance, employee performance, utilization or margins
  • Being able to see who’s available and who’s not was a big challenge–filling in the “swiss cheese holes” of utilization was negatively impacting margins
  • Project teams, sales and accounting were working in silos without proper sharing of information that could help projects, billing and customer relations
  • Billing proved challenging under a manual process and the data had to be entered twice, or three times which resulted in too many errors
  • BRG wanted a system that would connect with Salesforce CRM and easily integrate project management and financials

Benefits & Results

  • Now using FinancialForce PSA and FinancialForce Accounting together to make smarter, faster decisions and protect profit margins
  • Strength of the Salesforce platform allows data to flow back and forth across services, operations and finance seamlessly to drive decisions and performance
  • No cobbling together multiple clouds when operating from a single system, on one cloud
  • Evolved from a niche CRM to a company-wide platform for enabling strategy, communication, resource management, project management
  • Real-time visibility into resources, project and finances and comprehensive analytics allows them to be proactive and make quick decisions once an issue is spotted
  • Resource management is more precise–no more hiring last minute contractors to fill a gap returning dollars directly to the bottom line
  • Can predict margin slippage early in the process, which is key to correct issues with the project performance and protect margins
  • New functionality and newly developed efficiencies have allowed business to support global efforts seamlessly and expand quickly
  • Can tailor the solution to fit any unique business needs without needing to hire developers to write a bunch of hard code
  • Data is shared between projects and financials–streamlining finance functions such as invoicing and eliminating multiple data entry and processing errors–saving several days per month
  • Brings in cash faster–visibility into data has reduced the oldest AR aging by 35%
  • Month-end close is faster and smoother–reduced from 12-15 days down to 8-10 days–a 33% improvement