"The biggest benefit we have seen has been the ability to create payables from sales invoices from information held in Salesforce."

John Petrillo, CFO, Bernstein & Andriulli

Bernstein & Andriulli is a premier creative artist management agency and media consultancy, also comprising Gallery Stock, an image library founded in 2005 as a showcase for the archives of the world's leading museum and commercial photographers.

Products in Use: FinancialForce AccountingFinancialForce Billing

Company size: Small

Previous system: Quickbooks, Peachtree; File Maker Online

Location: New York, New York, US

Industry: Advertising & Marketing

Business Issues

  • Operating two separate companies with separate invoicing systems = very manual
  • Duplication of work between finance and agents
  • Managing artists and agents commission very complex using Quickbooks
  • Accounting done in 2 separate locations

Previously our Accountants would have to re-enter information in order to produce invoices. Now this is done in the click of a button and all the information is held in one place.

John Petrillo, CFO

Benefits & Results

  • Old receivables recovered due to improved visibility into open invoices
  • Ability to create payables from sales invoices direct from information on the opportunity
  • Using custom code to ensure payments to artists are made after receiving payment from client has improved cash flow
  • Improvement in cash collections and days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • 5 man hours per week saved now invoicing process is automated
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Direct emailing from system through Salesforce using financial data
  • Complete control of reporting and access to up to date financials
  • Has helped position Gallery Stock for growth

We are confident that as we realize more time savings using FinancialForce Accounting, we will be able to focus on building our accounts and increasing revenue.

John Petrillo, CFO