Agilyx Group

Agilyx Group reduces
revenue leakage and strengthens
client relationships

"With FinancialForce, we improve the way we deliver our services while delighting our employees and the customers we serve. Being customer-centric has been our constant North Star, and FinancialForce PSA enables us to continue confidently in that direction." John Catarinich, CEO, Agilyx

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Disparate systems produce data silos

As Agilyx Group grew over the years, some offices used disparate systems and processes specific to the geography and local market. As a result, resource planning was challenging and inaccurate, making consolidated reporting difficult and time consuming. Reliance on manual time card extraction - along with data requests and approvals via email - meant invoicing was time consuming and revenue leakage almost certain. Disconnected systems also hampered the Group's ability to secure a true 360° customer view in Salesforce.

Previously, Agilyx used Salesforce primarily for sales and account manager functions. Now that its Salesforce instance is integrated with FinancialForce PSA, Agilyx has significantly improved its visualization of customers across the businesses organization, and created a foundation for business operations, leveraging a true 360° customer view.

Key benefits:

  • Achieve 100% ROI with improved Salesforce usability
  • Attain a 96% improvement in visibility and DSO
  • Decrease revenue leakage by 50%

FinancialForce PSA Customer: Agilyx

Now when Agilyx closes a deal, the Service Delivery team seamlessly takes over with access to all pre-sales and contextual information, making the handover process 50% more efficient. Greater visibility and automation reduced time from deal close to service delivery by 96%. It also enabled Agilyx to create invoices in hours, rather than days.

resource management

With support for global resource planning, Agilyx can now better plan for capacity and drive global collaboration across all its regions. It also reduced revenue leakage by using its global resources in a more streamlined, efficient manner while gaining global comprehensive visibility into project data and status. In turn, Agilyx feels more confident about committing to global projects.


Having implemented FinancialForce PSA for its customers, Agilyx understood it could use the solution internally as well to address many of the same problems it's solving for its customers. By taking advantage of the synergies between FinancialForce and Salesforce in its own organization, Agilyx has improved its business operations and customer service. Agilyx feels better positioned to improve the way it delivers on existing project commitments while expanding its relationships with customers over time.