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Salesforce native cloud ERP apps

When all your apps are built on the #1 customer success platform, your teams are more nimble, your services are better, and you remove the cost of synchronizing transactions. Cloud ERP Apps.

One platform, one truth

COMPLIANCE & AUDIT: All your apps living on one platform means a single version of the truth. Compliance and audits are a breeze with automated audit trails, documentation and associated conversations.

  • Automatic tracking of essential audit fields
  • User-defined tracking of your key fields — old value and new value
  • Commentary, files, scanned documents and evidence on any transaction all in one place

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Cloud ERP on Salesforce

Best practice data security

SECURITY & TRUST: Your data and apps are protected within data centers certified to the highest industry-accepted standards for data security, privacy controls, and operational reliability.

  • Benefit from comprehensive and rigorous privacy and security assessments
  • Implement two-factor authentication
  • Limit users login to designated IP addresses
  • Enforce your company security and password policies

End the endless approval process

APPROVALS ENGINE: Don’t let approval processes get bypassed or employees be slowed down. One common approval engine makes guidelines clear, employees happy and compliance automatic.

  • Point and click configuration to manage all approvals
  • Complete mobile access — review, comment, approve
  • Automated log of approval history and audit trails

Chat. Cooperate. Collaborate.

ACTIONABLE SOCIAL FEED: Get social and break down the walls between departments. Chatter is an instant news feed for teams to share info, ask questions, update each other, and quicken response times.

  • Perform actions without ever leaving your business feed
  • Get intuitive collaboration across all departments and teams
  • Enable teams to build cross-company networks, resources and knowledge
Salesforce Cloud ERP
Salesforce Cloud ERP

The mobility of everything

SALESFORCE1 MOBILE: Instant access to information whether you are in the office, home, or on the go. The Salesforce1 mobile app lets you see, and act on, all your business data, and communicate with coworkers and clients.

  • Access CRM, ERP and custom app data on a single app
  • Get on-the-go notifications for approval requests, @mentions and system generated alerts
  • See all your dashboards with drill down access

Personalized dashboards and trend analyses for everyone

REPORTING & ANALYTICS: With CRM, ERP and your custom app data all in one place you can get standard reports, customized reports, ad-hoc inquiries. Personalized dashboards and trend analysis are now for everyone.

  • “Clicks not code” report creation and editing
  • Data visibility controlled by security profiles
  • Full mobility of reports and dashboards

The power to combine, design, and refine

IN HOUSE DEVELOPMENT PLATFORM: Using the Salesforce platform, move custom app data into your cloud database, and put it to work in your CRM and ERP apps for deeper, better reporting and analytics.

  • Eliminate offline spreadsheets and uncontrolled databases
  • Link custom data to get a full 360 view of your customers and employees
  • Access your custom apps from Salesforce1 mobile on any device anywhere

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Access to the perfect app for every problem

SALESFORCE APPEXCHANGE: Access the #1 business app marketplace. With over 2,900 apps available, you’re sure to find the perfect app to solve any problem.

  • Choose from a library of specialized, vertical and mobile apps
  • Look for true “native apps” that store their data on the Salesforce platform and use platform security

Explore Cloud ERP apps built on Salesforce

Grow your business with a services centric ERP solution

Align your sales, services, finance and HR teams with our cloud-based ERP on Salesforce. You’ll connect back-office functions to the front-office and create a single unified voice across your organization. Everyone benefits: Customers, Employees, Leaders and IT.