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Get insight into the whole business and measure the effectiveness of anything.

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It’s difficult to gain visibility of key metrics when your business information is spread across many systems. With your CRM and ERP information on one cloud, you can drill down or drill around to see real time KPIs in one dashboard or report.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud ERP Software

CRM and ERP processes work better together

When systems, people and processes are disconnected, inefficiency is inevitable. With one cloud you eliminate integration issues, errors, manual effort and re-work.

  • Know your processes are efficient end-to-end
  • Compress time and cost out of your key processes
  • Improve the speed in which your company operates

Know everything about your customers

Customers touch nearly every department of your company, but do you know everything about them? With front and back office apps on one cloud, you can view the whole relationship from start to finish all in one spot.

  • See all customer interactions across sales, services and finance
  • Measure customer profitability and margin contribution
  • Link employee success and customer success

Fast return on investment

ERP has a well-earned reputation as being expensive to implement and maintain — typically with its own technology stack and skill requirements. FinancialForce apps can be implemented fast and easy right alongside your existing Salesforce apps. And you can leverage the knowledge and skills you already have in house.

  • Implement a full suite, or just one app at a time
  • Shorten the learning the curve by using tools you already know

Get everyone on the same page

When departmental apps reside on different databases, inefficient processes and errors take over. Users reach to email and spreadsheets to solve the problem — but that only makes it worse. Put everyone on the same page using Chatter, the social media tool that shares information and processes across your business.

  • A unified set of apps data eliminates superficial barriers
  • Use Chatter to connect people across the business
  • Attach conversations to customers, projects, accounts, transactions or anything you like

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