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digital transformation


There’s no other role more affected by the digital age than the IT team. You are tasked with reducing complexity and cost, while at the same time expected to be ‘value creators’ supporting the social, mobile, get my data anywhere/anytime world. A one cloud strategy let’s you spend less time on system administration and maintenance; and more time on innovation.

The Future of ERP: Moving at the Speed of Change

Manage one platform, not many

Most businesses have found themselves with an unwieldy combination of on-premises and cloud applications known as a “Frankensoft” or “Frankencloud” architecture. That only means more administration and integration hassles for IT. Simplify your life by combining your front and back office applications on one cloud.

  • Administer users in one place instead of many
  • Master one set of security procedures
  • Eliminate unnecessary and costly integrations

One toolset, enterprise wide

With multiple IT platforms come different sets of tools sets for development, integration, workflow, social media, reporting, etc. IT expertise gets spread thin and support gets extra grief. Leverage one platform across your entire business and quickly gain IT economy of scale and synergy… and happy users.

  • Get one set of customization and integration tools
  • Get one set of workflow, reporting and dashboard tools
  • Master one set of technologies versus many
  • Have mobile ready support on iOS and Android devices

‘Clicks not code’ customization and integration

ERP has a notorious reputation for being difficult to customize, change and integrate. FinancialForce brings a more nimble and modern approach to cloud ERP applications, like that pioneered in Salesforce CRM. Configure and tailor FinancialForce apps to your business with a minimal level of technical skill.

  • Build apps fast
  • Configure, integrate and customize with clicks, not coding
  • Add objects, add fields, add business rules, changes processes easily
  • Integrate data simply with FinancialForce ClickLink™

Deploy apps quickly with the #1 cloud platform and ecosystem

The Gartner Group has recognized the Salesforce App Platform as the leading cloud platform and application ecosystem for business. Join the thousands of companies that have chosen the Salesforce platform as the backbone of their IT strategy.

  • Add your own applications fast
  • Deploy new applications with confidence on the #1 cloud platform
  • Leverage thousands of ecosystem partners and applications on the AppExchange
  • Offer a desirable IT environment to prospective employees

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