Explore cloud ERP applications employees love.


Give your people apps to do their jobs well. Feeling effective is a powerful motivator.

The Future of ERP: Moving at the Speed of Change

One user experience for everything they do

When you implement different CRM and ERP applications, it means more user interfaces and tool sets that employees need to learn. That only steepens the learning curve, lowers adoption and frustrates your people. Make them happier and more productive with:

  • One user login and similar user interface
  • One set of workflow, reporting, social and mobile applications
  • One place to get the information they need to do their jobs
  • One system to learn — onboard employees faster

Build teams and communities, not departments

When everyone is on the same system, seeing the same data, using the same workflow and social tools, departmental lines suddenly vanish. Create a more transparent work environment and build a feeling of teamwork and community.

  • Break down department silos caused by different systems
  • Create a feeling of one community
  • Organize around customers, projects, cases or opportunities
  • Get everyone on the same page with the same data

Let employees do their jobs, not fight with software

With one set of cloud applications in place, it’s easy to make employees aware of company metrics, goals and progress. Watch them get more motivated personally as they become active participants and tied to business outcomes.

  • Empower them to act and contribute immediately from anywhere
  • Give them a sense of accomplishment versus using software to do a job
  • Tie employee success to business success
  • Let them know their work matters

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Cloud ERP Buyer's Guide

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