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Create a better customer experience on one cloud.

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Offer timely communications and flawless execution across the entire customer journey. Foster unshakable loyalty with clear communications and informed actions.

2017 Beginner’s Guide to Evaluating Cloud ERP Software

Unite everyone around the customer

Take a more customer centric approach and life gets better.

  • One customer record for sales, services and finance
  • One place to find everything you need to know about the customer
  • One place to capture internal and external customer conversations

Eliminate errors between your front and back office

Customers get annoyed when you don’t do the little things right. If your front and back offices are disconnected, you increase the chances of making administrative mistakes that can ruin a customer’s post sale experience.

  • Generate accurate and clear invoices
  • Make timely and accurate product and service deliveries
  • Assign the right people, at the right time, to the right projects

Sell what you can deliver — deliver what you sell

When your front and back offices are connected, salespeople have visibility to available goods and services. And likewise, those doing fulfillment can see the sales pipeline and customer demand. A seamless front and back office help you properly set and meet customer expectations.

  • Forecast goods and services demand more accurately
  • Have the people and skills ready to fulfill demand

Enable one-call resolutions with a 360° view

When all your customer information is one place and shared between the front and back office, anyone can answer a customer’s question, regardless of his or her role in the company. Answer...

  • What's the status of my project?
  • What’s the status of my case?
  • Who is working on my account?
  • Can you explain the detail behind this invoice?
  • How was this credit applied to my account?

Your customer will experience one company, not five departments

Customers don’t like to get bounced around from department to department. They expect you to know everything about them, regardless of who they spoke to in the past.

  • Know what other departments and employees are doing with the customer
  • See all the transactions, activities and conversations your team is having with the customer

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