Is the workforce taking advantage of social media? [Survey Results]

Is the workforce taking advantage of social media? [Survey Results]

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For most businesses, it’s not a stretch to consider that happy customers are a result of happy employees – people who match well with the company, their team, the office culture and of course the work itself. For HR professionals everywhere, the challenge is in discovering and recruiting these potential employees to join the company.

Recruiters these days have more ways than ever to find candidates online or through social channels, and powerful technologies to efficiently manage everything from recruiting to onboarding to employee experience (Everyday HCM, anyone?).

But are we in fact as ‘social’ as the trends and news imply? What do job-seekers want from companies and recruiters? We wanted to take a step back and find out from the U.S. workforce at large about their own preferences and particulars when it comes to finding a job. Through Google Consumer Surveys, we polled a consumer audience to find out what people have to say about job searches, recruiting and the use of social media. The results might surprise you. Below are a couple of key findings:

Social Recruitment
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55 percent of millennial respondents welcome recruiters contacting them via social channels while.

82 percent of respondents who have used social media as a job search tool indicated the lead was successful.

56 percent do not use social channels in their job search or interview process.

28 percent have used a tablet or mobile phone to search for jobs.

14 percent have applied for jobs via mobile devices

72 percent indicated they still prefer desktops or laptops for job searches.

Click here to see the full survey results and methodology.

The Takeaway:

Companies and recruiters need to understand the preferences of their target candidates.  Social media has made it easy to reach a broader range of potential job candidates in different ways, but companies that jump into social recruiting without a strategy risk candidates walking away with a negative impression of the business. Those HR professionals that balance their company goals with the preferences of their recruits are best set up to ensure a positive experience for all candidates.

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