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With 3 million downloads, there's definitely "an app for that" on the AppExchange

AppExchange, the marketplace for Salesforce marketing, sales, IT and back office applications, has hit the 3 million download milestone and we couldn’t be more happy to be part of this amazing ecosystem of Salesforce partners, working together to bring cloud business solutions to customers around the world.

Being part of the AppExchange means more than “there’s an app for that.” The AppExchange makes “plug and play” a reality – apps built natively on the Salesforce platform often share common components like logins, UIs and databases with other native apps. Other cloud platforms might share common tools underneath, but it’s unlikely to see the app integration, record sharing, a single reporting database, common administration and unified toolsets that form a truly holistic environment for users. No wonder the AppExchange hit the 3 million mark so soon.

With the AppExchange, you can create your entire business environment on one system of engagement. FinancialForce ERP is built natively on the Salesforce platform and works seamlessly with Salesforce CRM so you can tie your system of record with your system of engagement. With FinancialForce Accounting, Professional Services Automation, Human Capital Management and Supply Chain Management, your back office applications are right there with your front office, working together and sharing the same database. Breaking down departmental silos between service and sales, finance and marketing, and everything in between is a reality with FinancialForce on the Salesforce platform. And thanks to the AppExchange, our customers can go in and review the products for others to reference.

AppExchange HCM Review
AppExchange FinancialForce HCM Review
AppExchange FinancialForce PSA Review
AppExchange FinancialForce PSA Review

Moreover, businesses looking for the best cloud solutions aren’t the only ones benefitting from the AppExchange – it’s also an incubator for new apps and ideas where young companies have been built and now thrive thanks to the Salesforce platform. This open ecosystem creates more opportunity and jobs – an endless cycle of innovation that keeps on giving.

The AppExchange is a place where business folks get together with the technical bunch and share a common language of providing value on the world’s #1 cloud platform. Together with our partners, we aim to delight users with applications that help businesses engage with and delight their customers. The AppExchange helps us do so. Congratulations and cheers to the next 3 million!

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