Why upgrade your SaaS systems? 4 simple steps to upgrade your apps

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Why upgrade your SaaS systems? 4 simple steps to upgrade your apps

It’s a message that we are continually pushing, particularly when new product releases are announced, but what’s involved in an upgrade and why is it so important to stay up to date on the latest release? Do you know which version of our products you are on? Below are the latest or soon-to-be available versions for each. You might be surprised to find that you are actually working on a significantly outdated version – a bit like trying to keep the wheels turning on a very old car. FinancialForce Accounting V15 – Released July 29th 2016  FinancialForce PSA V15.1 – Released June 28th 2016  FinancialForce HCM V16.5 – Released August 2nd 2016  FinancialForce SCM V7.5 – Released March 16th 2016  Justin Wheatley, a FinancialForce customer and advocate recently discussed the benefits of upgrading in his blog post, likening an upgrade to getting a new car for FREE Even better, upgrading is easy, and follows this simple 4 step process: Step 1 – Raise an Onboarding case Step 2 – Create a System Admin user Step 3 – Confirm who needs access to the new features Step 4 – Test the new version. When you’re ready to upgrade production, let us know And a final but important word from Justin:
“One word of advice I will give is to plan your upgrades well, run your tests in a testing environment and check out the latest and greatest functionality before releasing to your production environment!”
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