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Guest Blog: Why I registered for FinancialForce.Community for the second year running

Jocelyn Fennewald is a Financial Analyst at AHEAD, LLC, where she specializes in business process improvement and delivering clear analysis around financials. She is a happy customer. Are you thinking of attending FinancialForce.Community 13? If you’re already going—great! I will see you there. If you’re still thinking about it, then sign up now! DreamForce 2012 was not only my first year attending the conference, but it was my first time attending FinancialForce.Community. At first, I was hesitant about taking one full day away from all the other wonderful Dreamforce activities. Last year, I showed up slightly nervous and unsure of what to expect. About twenty minutes into the day, I knew I made the right choice.
The day began with a presentation from Jeremy Roche, President and CEO of Jeremy talked about what FinancialForce.Community is and how the event would run. From there, we heard invaluable information about what direction the company is heading, new product releases, and even customer success stories. One of the key values of the event is the ability to have face-to-face interactions with team members that I had only spoken to over the phone. Over the lunch break, I spoke with several people that were having difficulties with reporting. Together we brainstormed and came up with an incredible answer. Once you begin talking to other customers, it becomes very clear that there are always answers to your questions—even answers to questions you didn’t know you had. After lunch, the group was split up into the Professional Services Automation (PSA) route and the Accounting route. I chose PSA. In those sessions, we learned more details about the product and even had time for Q&A with a PSA expert. We have a unique platform at AHEAD, as we are 100% adopted on Salesforce and Our executive team uses these platforms on a daily basis. After leaving for the day and taking time to review my notes, I felt more equipped to answer questions about what’s coming and what’s possible using Not only was I able to supply answers to management around operational issues we were experiencing, but I left the day knowing how to find answers moving forward. The value I gained from attending cannot be measured with an ROI as I am still utilizing information that I learned last year. That is why I have decided to sign up again. I am looking forward to reconnecting with people from as well as talking to other customers. Now that I know how wonderful FinancialForce.Community is, I am no longer nervous to attend this year, but even more excited to get to Dreamforce 13. Reserve your place for this year’s event NOW
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