WHOA. Cloud Computing is What??

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WHOA. Cloud Computing is What??

Even Keanu Reeves is confused about cloud computing. You hear the term cloud computing everywhere these days, but do you really know what “Cloud” is? Apparently most DO NOT. In a recent survey of 1,000 Americans conducted by Wakefield research for Citrix,  majority of respondents believe cloud computing comes from actual clouds or tied to the weather in some way. Here’s the definition from wikipedia: Cloud computing is the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet). The next time someone asks you about Cloud Computing, you know what NOT to say. Some much useful resources: http://www.cio.com/article/724286/5_Cloud_Computing_Trends_That_Will_Be_Big_in_2013 https://www.financialforce.com/customers/why-choose-us/cloud-applications/
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