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White Springs on Cloud Accounting

Gary White, CEO of White Springs was recently interviewed by Dennis Howlett talking about the benefits of cloud accounting and FinancialForce Accounting. You can watch the video here. White Springs is reliant on Salesforce CRM as its central business system. It helps them manage lead capture, opportunities, customer relationships, contracts, customer support, business development and timesheets, and according to Gary, has surpassed all expectations in terms of what it could deliver.

The fact that FinancialForce Accounting was built with the same attention to detail and extended functionality compared to a lot of the cloud accounting solutions on the market was attractive. The combination of cloud CRM and cloud accounting is providing some significant benefits. White Springs has one single view of every customer account so everyone across the business is working from the same information. Sales and finance can see which customers have been billed, what they have been billed for and what has been collected. Previously, those responsible for debt collection had been running in isolation from the rest of the business.

Now they can see opportunities in the pipeline and support cases that might influence a customer’s willingness to settle up. Gary explained where they are seeing some significant time savings. “Now that we don’t have to manage a deferred revenue spreadsheet, we can rely on the information in the monthly management reports, they are quick and easy to produce, and we have no spreadsheets to worry about outside of the system. Our accounting team has saved at least 20% of the time that was spent posting invoices manually. It’s all automated from an opportunity being closed in the CRM to an invoice going out from FinancialForce. Preparation of the monthly management accounts takes only one day now instead of two. These savings are significant for a business like ours.”

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