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Where Would We Be Without Great Customers?

Having a customer facing role can be a challenge, particularly at a relatively new company like, yet I am always amazed at how animated customers are when talking about our applications. Yes they occasionally have a grumble, and I am always prepared to listen patiently, but usually they are extremely enthusiastic. As Customer Communications Manager, I speak with customers all over the globe on a daily basis. I have had discussions about childcare costs and arrangements in Canada versus the UK; how beautiful the weather is in Australia while I am sitting in a freezing attic being pelted with rain; and the virtues of Jeremy Kyle (annoying UK daytime talk show host) over Jerry Springer. And the point of my conversations? To find out how customers are leveraging FinancialForce applications to automate their business processes for improved efficiency and greater visibility across their organization. In the last week I have spoken with six different customers based in various parts of the US and Canada, from a company selling software to the construction industry, to a company selling yarn for use in the manufacture of hand-knitted clothing. Although very different, their results tell a similar story. One customer enthused, ‘The new reporting capabilities are fantastic. This solution will see my business through the next 10-20 years, at an affordable price! My labour costs are down as a result of automating and streamlining processes. The bottom line, I am saving money by using’ Another customer using FinancialForce PSA summed up the benefits of increased company-wide visibility. ‘Sales is now better informed of their accounts’ implementations and overall customer health, while Support is able to better assist their customers using critical project data available on each account’s PSA project.’ I recently did a call with the Controller of a process improvement company based in Minnesota. What struck me as interesting as he told me about their decision to move from Quickbooks and the cost and time savings they were already seeing from FinancialForce applications, was the fact that if a company whose consultants evangelise process improvement have chosen our application to automate their processes, we must be doing something right. Without these great customers who are embracing the cloud phenomenon and who are happy to tell us about their experiences, it would be easy to forget why we are continually striving to add to and improve our applications and the huge impact they are having in all sorts of businesses all over the world. Here’s to great customers and to keeping the conversations flowing!
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