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What makes a Professional Services Firm the 'Best of the Best'?

Congratulations NTT Centerstance and Perceptive Sotware, you seem to know the answer.  You make us proud!  Service Performance Insight’s (SPI) 2013 Professional Services Maturity™ Best of Best report is out and rated two FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) customers, NTT Centerstance and Perceptive Software, among the top five percent best-of-the-best performing Professional Services (PS) organizations benchmarked against more than 230 leading firms. This “Best of the Best” Report outlines what these industry leaders did to reach the top and how FinancialForce PSA was a keep part in that success. The report notes that NTT Centerstance, a consulting firm that specializes in helping companies identify and move key business processes to the cloud, uses a single system powered by FinancialForce PSA to manage sales and service and is enabling their services teams to base their decisions on the same data, in real time, so decision-making is efficient and effective. For Perceptive Software, a stand-alone business unit within Lexmark International, which builds enterprise content management software, is noted for using Salesforce CRM integrated with FinancialForce Accounting and FinancialForce PSA to deliver competitive advantage. Each achieved productivity enhancements by reducing data entry, making resource assignments faster and providing more flexibility to adapt to changing project needs on the fly. Keep up the good work guys!
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