What if every CFO had their own AI?

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What if every CFO had their own AI?

If you were at Dreamforce 2017 last month, you know AI and analytics took center stage. It’s hard to disagree that Salesforce’s announcement of myEinstein was the biggest news of the week.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff set the theme in his keynote—“Intelligence as the fourth industrial revolution”—that carried through the rest of the event. In his “Blaze New Trails with AI” keynote, John Ball (SVP Product & GM Einstein, Salesforce) declared that Einstein makes 475 million predictions per day, giving me confidence that FinancialForce had made the right decision to go all-in on Einstein. The most memorable moment? Ball’s concluding comment that “anyone of you could do the Einstein keynote next year.” Challenge accepted!

My personal Dreamforce highlight, however, was showing how FinancialForce already uses Einstein internally to transform how we do business. Pulse, our Einstein-powered application, serves up a single set of dashboards focused on customers, prospects, and operations, offering a more consistent, more efficient, and more predictable source of truth. It has all the elements critical to our internal teams as well as investors and advisors as we move to the next stage in our journey as the only provider of customer-centric ERP.

Since Dreamforce, I’ve demonstrated Pulse to dozens of FinancialForce customers, prospects, and partners. Everyone has been impressed with how quickly we’ve been able to adopt the Einstein technology and made it operational and actionable. Just a couple weeks ago, I was honored to participate in our Financials Breakfast in London where I was able to showcase Pulse to a packed room of executives interested in the use of AI for the finance department. I plan on doing the same at the Salesforce World Tour in NYC December 14th.

In fact, the topic of “AI for finance” is one that I’ve been researching heavily here at FinancialForce. It all started with a simple question: “What if every CFO had their own AI?” There’s no one answer, though it’s plain to see that the AI revolution will change finance as much as it will change the rest of the business world.

To explore some of my findings and learn more about the power of AI for the finance department, download our new ebook.

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