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What Happens When You Mix the Most Tech-Savvy Folks in Silicon Valley with Great Food and Wine?

Well, of course the result is meaningful conversations about software industry trends and predictions, but interestingly and unexpectedly, deep, insightful chats about dietary trends, Giants’ disastrous season, BART woes, SF rental market, and American vs. British expressions.  That was what happened last night when we hosted a small dinner at Benu and invited some of the most vocal technology journalists in the Bay Area, along with Richard Rothschild from Pandora, a FinancialForce.com customer, and Ron Huddleston, SVP of Global ISVs from salesforce.com. Journalists in attendance included Deborah Gage from Dow Jones, Eric Knorr from InfoWorld, Ari Levy from Bloomberg, Rachel King from ZDNet, Shira Ovide from Wall Street Journal, Matt Weinberger from IDG CITEWorld, and influencer and analyst Esteban Kolsky.  Jeremy, in his PR-enforced red tie, and Adrian Ivanov, our VP of Sales, defiantly without a tie, both had a chance to flex their software industry knowledge muscles, but more importantly, had the opportunity to get to know everyone’s hobbies, families and pet peeves, and ensure that everyone is having a good time and not burdened with “shop talk.”    As Jeremy would say, “that’s the FinancialForce way!”  I’ve learned quite a bit about Jeremy and Adrian too myself, although you’ll have to find me to ask me what I found out. FinancialForce Media Dinner After all, what happens in the FinancialForce.com media dinner stays in the FinancialForce.com media dinner, right?   In all seriousness, huge thanks to all of our guests for spending the evening with us at Benu. We value our relationship with each of you and are very glad to have this rare opportunity to share our progress and vision, and get to know you.
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