Welcoming 2015 – Trends, predictions and big agenda items

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Welcoming 2015 – Trends, predictions and big agenda items

Bye bye 2014.  It’s been a great year, but it is time to welcome our 2015 big agenda items. We predict it’s going to be an intense year- chock-full of exciting new challenges and opportunities. Below is our list of predictions for the top IT agenda items this year. What do you think will be the ‘big thing’? What’s on your agenda?

1. Big data rules the house.

Welcome 2015 Predictions

Why? Because big data brings unstructured data and structured data into an accurate, meaningful package. When you have more accurate analysis you can make better business decisions. Only this year, companies will get that data a little easier. They will stop hassling with 3rd party tools (for integration and analysis), sophisticated math and confusing reports. 2015 offers us a single cloud platform approach (thank you Wave), that brings all your business critical data together from the onset.  When all your data lives together, you are able to churn out more comprehensive reports faster, assemble in pretty dashboards that are easy to understand, and reviewed from any portable device. Big data just got better.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) and sensors everywhere. 


For a while now, experts in the IT industry have been saying that tech execs need to prepare themselves for the flood of data that will be spewing from millions and millions of sensors, embedded in millions and millions of devices, e.g. wearables, network gear, cars, tablets, etc. That time is here in full force. Organizations are going to get focused on what it all means in terms of organizational structure and corporate transparency not to mention developing IoT products of their own and making sure their products support the IoT devices. It’s something that’s been on our radar, check out wearable ERP.

3. Cloud Responsibility.


These days it’s no longer a question of why cloud, it’s which cloud? And in 2015, there will be more cloud platform and cloud application choices than ever before. Smart organizations will ask the right questions. Do we go for price? Do we go for multi-cloud where we string applications and services together that evolve into data silos and painful integrations?  Or do we go for a single-cloud platform approach where applications speak the same language and share a common database and UI?  It’s never been more important to act responsibly – and think about what your cloud choice will mean not just for 2015 but for 2020 and beyond.

4. The king’s experience – think conversations not transactions.


Yes, customer is king. And now the king’s customer experience is the ultimate loyalty chip.  This year, the question will be asked – is my CRM enough? Customers want more – instant answers and deeper access to information and every department must focus on serving, and solving, all requests at any point of “the king’s” journey within your company.  What the smart companies will do is align their systems of engagement (CRM) with their systems of record (ERP) so customer information no longer lives in silos, everyone has access to it, and anyone can answer, “where’s my order?” or “has this been invoiced?”. The corporate winners will go from being just another company to being one that gets the amazing reviews and five stars on Yelp, LinkedIn, the Appexchange, or really anywhere on the Internet that takes a review – because it matters.

5. Configure don’t code. 


Embrace a wizard for all its glorious worth! These days business software should be easy to buy, deploy, learn and extend.  Companies will be out looking for applications that take on the “configure before coding” approach – because it’s where the future is. It allows you to change, adapt and grow your apps without getting locked into old software versions. In this world of constant change, you need to be able to quickly deploy one business process change out to multiple locations in a single click. It’s time. It’s money. It’s efficiency. And the same goes for development of applications –  the “click don’t code” approach to the development of apps means new features and functionality is rolled out regularly, factoring in customer feedback, not just on a predisposed development road map.

These are a few hot items we think will be top of mind. But please share yours. And regardless of what’s on your IT agenda, cheers to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015!!

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