Welcome to the Salesforce ecosystem Intuit!

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Welcome to the Salesforce ecosystem Intuit!

The announcement that Intuit, the developer of Quickbooks, is to partner with salesforce.com looks like another great vote of confidence for cloud computing, and is great news for FinancialForce.com and the Force.com community. Intuit’s move towards the cloud means that customers of all sizes have the option of market leading cloud based financial and CRM apps to choose from.

The demand for cloud accounting solutions is growing fast and reaching all corners of the market. QuickBooks provides an excellent entry level accounting system for very small businesses, a market which FinancialForce.com doesn’t serve. We believe the Intuit – salesforce.com partnership will bring more companies to the Force.com platform – creating prospects for FinancialForce.com in the future as those customers grow.

Intuit does a great job of helping businesses get started with their first real accounting system, playing an important role in forming new companies. While Quickbooks is a wonderful application, customers do eventually need to move up to apps like FinancialForce Accounting. FinancialForce.com’s customers are typically larger than those served by Intuit, and are looking for an advanced financial system. They also want all their apps on the same platform as Salesforce, with accounting embedded in rather than interfaced to Salesforce. We typically find that these requirements become more critical as a business begins to grow.

So congratulations to Intuit, and welcome to the ecosystem!

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