Welcome to the FinancialForce office in Granada, Spain [photo tour]

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Welcome to the FinancialForce office in Granada, Spain [photo tour]

One of the best parts of working at FinancialForce is the people and the great environment we share when we come into work every day. FinancialForce has offices around the world – several in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Spain. In this edition of the popular office tours saga, let’s take a stroll through our office in Granada, Spain.

Grab a seat as you are welcomed into the Granada office, where much of our creative technical work takes place.

In addition to working hard and volunteering often in our FinancialForce4Good program, folks in the Granada office know how to have fun and their choice of meeting room names definitely reflects that.

When you’re catching a meeting in the Granada office, you get to choose from Mordor, Veleta. Dharma, Lego, Star Wars, Mulhacen, Mario Bros and Alhambra meeting rooms.

As in many of our offices around the world, sometimes employees prefer to bike in. We’ve got a rack for that!
We like to encourage a collaborative environment by providing open seating. This is where the magic happens!

Chair? Couch? Bean Bag? You choose where to sit at FinancialForce.

To see current career opportunities on offer worldwide, check out our jobs page at financialforce.com/careers. Take a tour through our other offices in the FinancialForce office blog series.

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