Proformative Webinar Recap: Revenue forecasting art, science or guesswork?

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Proformative Webinar Recap: Revenue forecasting art, science or guesswork?

As companies diversify their revenue streams with subscriptions, professional services engagements and other multi-level earning arrangements, developing an accurate revenue forecast is becoming more and more difficult – but it doesn’t have to be. In our latest Proformative webinar, Mike O’Brien – General Manager, Financial Management Applications at – discusses revenue forecasting and explains how most companies have plenty of disjointed systems, spreadsheets and tools that typically make estimating future revenues a hefty process. Well, it’s time to can those spreadsheets. In this video you’ll learn:
  • How to extrapolate and predict revenue across diverse revenue sources
  • How to easily derive forecasts from both booked and future sales opportunities
  • How you can build forecasts more easily when Finance, Revenue Recognition and CRM applications are on the same cloud platform
What business wouldn’t want to simplify its revenue recognition process while improving the auditability and visibility of its information?  As Mike said about our RevRec customers, “What they used to spend a month on, was done in a matter of minutes, once they implemented FinancialForce Revenue Recognition.” Watch the full video here and be sure to visit our Revenue Recognition page to learn more about the application.
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