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Webinar Recap: How HR Impacts the Bottom Line

“The war for talent is back on.” This was one of the overarching themes in our recent webinar, How HR Impacts the Bottom Line: Quantifying the Value of Human Capital. Brian Sommers, CEO and founder of TechVentive and Vital Analysis, ZDnet columnist and enterprise software expert teamed up with our General Manager of HCM, David Vanheukelom, for an informative and strategy-filled session on human capital management.

“Peoplecasting® is more important than forecasting.” Webinar attendees received a full serving of employment trends, HR best practices and solid advice on building an effective hiring and talent management plan for their company. In the past six years following the recession, the workforce has changed, and the experts presented ideas and instruction on how to update and improve companies’ “peoplecasting®” approach to get with the times. Did you know that companies with engaged employees have 6% higher net profit margins yet 72% of US workers are disengaged in their work (and 20% are ACTIVELY disengaged)? Furthermore, our attendee polling results reflected this data, which you can see in the images below. HR Impacts currentstateofhrMany of our webinar attendees felt like their organization’s human capital strategies needed improvement, to which our experts had solutions: “Make your firm a destination employer for the best and brightest job seekers.” Now more than ever, it’s important for companies to focus on becoming a great “employer brand.” This involves making fast employment decisions, providing quick onboarding and creating a warm welcome to new hires, which in turn prompts them to recruit their talented friends and colleagues. “HR is becoming an important corporate asset.” Throughout the webinar, both Brian and David made it clear that today’s improved employment economy means the need to play catchup for most companies. Re-invigorating training and career development, understanding that social and mobile solutions are how jobseekers want to interact today and  implementing a unified technology solution to support company decision making should all be a priority when you’re reexamining your HCM strategy. Dust off your people strategy and learn how to increase your ROI on HR, watch the full webinar below and be sure to check out our HCM solution — become the employer brand you aspire to be!
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