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We've got your back – FinancialForce4Good

Let’s face it. Between our full workdays, family obligations, yoga classes, and kickball team commitments, a lot of us don’t have as much spare time as we would like. But if anyone knows how to squeeze a 25th hour out of the day it’s the FinancialForce.com team. We’re not going to lie – that extra hour often gets spent sitting on the couch, re-watching episodes of True Detective, but we know we can encourage each other to do better… Enter FinancialForce4Good: Our team is constantly on the hunt for new opportunities and causes that we can dedicate more of our time toward. We’re lucky that San Franciscans are naturally philanthropic since it seems as if we have almost as many charitable organizations as we do Starbucks coffee shops. You could say we have our pick of the litter. But when deciding on our next FF4Good event, Project Open Hand was an obvious choice. Based in the heart of downtown, Project Open Hand is a nonprofit organization that provides over 2,500 nutritious meals and over 200 bags of healthy groceries with love to seniors and the critically ill. They aim to help sustain their clients’ nutrition while they battle serious, life-threatening illnesses, since many are too sick or frail to shop or cook for themselves. They rely on more than 125 volunteers to help operate their fully-functional grocery facility and kitchen on a day-to-day basis. They are also able to leverage the expertise of on-staff, registered dieticians and counselors to help empower their clients with information on making healthy choices. The FinancialForce.com team was excited to have the opportunity to help at the Project Open Hand HQ. Over a two-day period, we had 36 employees volunteer in both the Grocery Center and prep kitchen. Sporting cutting-edge, fashionable hairnets, team members from every FFDC department joined forces in trail mix assembly lines, egg carton breakdowns, ravioli bagging, and warehouse stocking and inventory. The more skilled amongst us were taken to the kitchen where they chopped vegetables and herbs, (some drew the short straw and had to chop onions) or prepared other food items for Project Open Hand’s hot food program. FF4GoodBlogImage-ProjectOpenHand After seeing the Grocery Center in action and interacting with all of Project Open Hand’s many volunteers and staff members, it’s easy to see why they are so highly respected in the Bay Area. Their enthusiasm and affection for this foundation is undeniable and spread quickly throughout our team with little effort. And it definitely doesn’t go without notice – their clients are gracious and appreciative, and seeing this was the perfect reminder of why we should do what we can to dedicate our free time to support organizations such as these. We’re all a busy bunch. It goes without saying. And while we all love a good dose of “wine on couch” time here and there, Project Open Hand reminds us what we really love: giving back.
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