We've got everyone Chattering

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We've got everyone Chattering

Today, we announced our new Chatter integration and new business collaboration app, Chatterbox, which has received some very positive reactions. We made the announcements at salesforce.com’s Cloudforce2 event in New York. Comments on the news so far: “For me this is the first potentially large scale business use case of social computing where the direct integration between applications has genuine business meaning.” – Dennis Howlett on his ZDNet blog “The big question is what will hook the enterprise on Chatter. Facebook analogies are nice, but real business cases like those surfaced by Roche will ultimately win the day—even if they won’t sound so great in a keynote.”- Larry Dignan, ZDNet “I’ve always been cautious about social tools that promise to revolutionize the enterprise – but I have to say that an integration between chatter and a third party force.com application really shows the promise these social tools can bring – dragging information kicking and screaming out of the app and to where a user needs it.” – Ben Kepes on cloudave.com “Will it make it? I think so. Is there still a need for proper strategic planning and follow through for large scale uptake? No question about it. But that’s no different from any other enterprise software category. One things for sure – having the software make it simpler to illustrate business cases out of the box makes it a hell of a lot easier to pass the initial litmus test… Finally, social starts to embrace process.” – Sameer Patel, Pretzel Logic, Enterprise 2.0 blog “…First, FinancialForce, the ever surprising FinancialForce, released Chatterbox – highly customizable and easily configurable Chatter streams associated with activities that you choose to access and subscribe to… What makes this interesting is that by having a substantial number of conditions that you can apply to the specific Chatter stream, you are filtering out what you don’t want and receiving and responding to what you do want. Note: FinancialForce is a company to reckon with in the salesforce.com ecosystem. Last week they announced integration with SAP – one of the few in that ecosystem who understands the need to do that.” – Paul Greenberg, zdnet.com
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