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"We have taken the blindfold off"… customer All About Tea has posted a very positive user review on the AppExchange. “We have taken the blindfold off” – Written by Andrew Gadsden on 1/11/2010

FinancialForce does for book-keeping and finance what Salesforce itself does for the sales process. Automation and reporting in Sales produce, when well-implemented, advantages that we are all familiar with. The same advantages are produced for Accounts by FinancialForce. But the greatest benefit is in running both Sales and accounting on one platform. We use Salesforce and Financial Force at All About Tea gives us a complete view of every customer account. From the very first contact to being an established account, we have all their information at our fingertips. This is very advantageous. it improves our ability to sell our products. It also improves our levels of customer service whilst reducing our administrative costs. No more jumping between systems and entering the same information multiple times! All About Tea has been using Financial Force for a few months now, so it is still early days. We are happy so far and I believe that it will prove to have been a wise investment of time and money.

And another excited user, Nimbus, has blogged about their experiences so far.

Fantastic feedback from the people that count!

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